One of the fabulous features of the Kindle, is the ability to get online virtually anywhere.  In theory this means that you could use your trusty ebook reader on vacation, to access the Google translate page whenever a foreign phrase is forgotten.  In practice the traditional Google translate function won’t display, so you had to use the Mobile version.  It worked, but the text was so small it was hardly practical.

kindle fishSo now a new site Kindlefish has been developed.  Head on over there whenever you are having language difficulties and the clean, easy to use site will access Google translate to do your bidding.  This time though the translation will be easy to read, large type that you can pass to your waiter if necessary.  Asian characters look particularly good.

All in all this is a great innovation so hats off to Seattle Flyer Guy for organising it all.  At the moment there are still a few tweaks needed for the DX browser to look as good as the Kindle 3 version.  Plus this is currently being hosted on a free server.  If user demand soars, which I am sure it might well do in the summer months, a move to a higher capacity server might well be on the cards.

Well that’s one less gadget to bother taking on vacation since the Kindle will now sort out your translation needs.  Of course, since it is using Goo

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