Update: Please note, since this article was written the New Kindle 3 has become available for UK buyers, shipped directly from the UK.

Click to Order the Kindle 3 Wireless Reading Device – from the UK

You can find out all about the new UK Kindle 3 Here.

Back to the original Kindle UK Article:

The Kindle Ebook Reader is newly available to customers in the United Kingdom.  Until autumn of 2009 only those living in the United States could purchase this nifty little Handheld Ebook Reader.  You can now buy The Kindle UK online here.  Amazon.com are now happy to ship the readers from the States to customers across much of the world, including those in the UK.  Please note you can now purchase the Kindle 6″ Reader from the UK instead via the link above.

The UK Kindle 2 is the new generation of Kindle reader that customers in the States have been enjoying for the last year.  It’s most prized feature, and the one that caused so much confusion and delay when trying to bring it to world markets, is of course the instant download ability whereby new books can be bought from the Kindle Store and downloaded direct to the reader itself.  No need to get your laptop out as the reader uses 3G mobile signals to connect to the Kindle store on the internet for free.

Customers with a UK Amazon account can log into the .com site with their same details to make their purchase.  While you are there you may want to make a purchase for accessories including adaptars, covers and reading lamps.  All these items are also available at the UK Kindle site.  But the range on offer in the States is much larger, due to the longer availability of the second generation wireless reader for the Americans.

Customers in the United Kingdom are offered exactly the same product as those elsewhere.  The only difference is that United States customers can use a beta version of a basic web browser on their readers.  In the UK, the only browsing will be at the Kindle online store or on Wikipedia (both of which are free).  The chance to browse for new titles direct from the reader itself makes ordering new books more fun, as firstly you can do it pretty much anywhere, and secondly you can also download the first chapter of most titles for free.  This gives you a true browsing experience, making shopping for new e-books much more like browsing your local bookstore.

Your UK Kindle will retain wireless access overseas, in around 100 countries.  If you travel further afield you can simply order new material online with your PC or laptop and then quickly transfer the ebooks via the USB cable.  For more information about the Kindle’s wireless capability in Europe check out our earlier article “Kindle Wireless in Europe“.

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  1. I live in Spain most of the year. Can I purchase the Kindle wi-fi from the UK amazon store and purchase kindle books from the UK Kindle store ? If I purchase from Amazon.com can I purchase books from the UK store?

    • Hi, You can order from the UK store if you can take delivery in the UK. To take delivery in Spain you need to order from the US .com store. Once you have the reader, if you register it to the UK address you can use that to download new books from the UK.

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