Update: Please note, since this article was written the New Kindle 3 has become available for UK buyers, shipped directly from the UK.

Click to Order the Kindle 3 eBook Reader – from the UK

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Want to know where to buy the Kindle in London? Easy, here.  Just click on the image to choose your preferred option (the original wireless reader – the Kindle 2, or its larger brother, the Kindle DX).   You’ll get the current best Kindle prices and product details so you can then go ahead and buy your Kindle!

Simple isn’t it? Whichever type of Kindle Reader you’re after, both can be ordered easily – even in London!  True the Kindle is not stocked in the UK anywhere so sadly you cannot pop into a local shop and buy one thre and then.  But, priority international shipping by courier is the standard method of dispatching international Kindle orders.  That fast delivery usually means you will get your handheld ebook reader within two to four days of placing your order.  Now, that isn’t too bad is it?

Sure you will need to pay for that delivery, but at the time of writing it was under fifteen pounds for a Kindle 2 to be delivered to the UK, plus a little to Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise.  But, face it if the most popular ebook reader ever does get stocked anywhere in the United Kingdom those import charges and delivery costs will still get added to the price consumers pay in the UK.

To date there still have been no plans released to stock the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX wireless reading devices anywhere but the United States, so if you want to Buy the Kindle in London or indeed anywhere else there is still only one place to do so.  Simply click to buy the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device.

Oh, and if you are having trouble deciding which one of amazon’s Kindles is the right one for you, why not check our our earlier Kindle 2 vs Kindle DX article, with all the bits and bobs the average gadget fan and book-lover will need to know?

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  1. I would like to purchase a USB cable and UK power adaptor in London. Couldn’t find them in Paris so guess I can’t charge my kindle since I forgot my cable Bummer. Anywhere to get these items? Leaving the UK soon so ordering them online isn’t an option. So surprised that I couldn’t just go into an electronics store and get these items

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