Please note, since publishing this post the 6″ Kindle 3 has arrived. Improvements to design, memory and battery and a choice of wifi or wifi + 3G. Check out the Kindle 3 Compare article for more details or click below to order online.

Order the Kindle 3rd Generation

And, if you are in the UK you can now order the Kindle with delivery direct from the UK for free here.

Back to our original Kindle article:

So many people are now interested in the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Global Editions.  The only problem is knowing Where to Buy the Kindle?  This is particularly an issue for the new ‘wannabee’ Kindle customers worldwide.  The answer is simple if you are looking for the Kindle international editions you simply have to order online here. You see at the moment, though over 100 countries can use the Kindle’s new International Wireless Coverage only one place is actually shipping the Kindle Readers.

Though amazon stores exist in Europe and Canada for example, they do not stock or ship the ebook readers and have not released any plans to do so in the near future.  So customers worldwide must place their order on the .com site instead.  It should not be of any concern though as if you look at the customer reviews, many are indeed from international customers and indicate that even international delivery is extremelly fast and reliable.

So if you are wondering “Where to Buy the Kindle Handheld Ebook Reader” just visit the links to and place your order.  There is nowhere else to buy your Kindle, whether you are want to buy a Kindle in London, or crave a Kindle in Hong Kong, there is one store for all shipments of the International or Global Edition Wireless Kindle Readers.

Wherever you want to Buy the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX, this is where you come.  And, brilliant news from 21st June 2010 the Kindle 2 Price has dropped to only $189!

  6 Responses to “Where to Buy the Kindle Handheld Ebook Reader”


    • Cheryl, it depends which Kindle you buy. If you click through and put one into your cart the delivery charges etc will be calculated for you.

  2. I have the new Virgin Plug in device. It is a 3g internet off of the Sprint Tower nearby. I want a US only small screen Kindle. I don’t travel out of country.
    Novals,scientific books,magazines, and News papers are really what I would like to work for me.
    Is the kindle 2 US model the one I want,? Any help you can give me will help me get the right one.
    Norm Niver

    • Hi Norm, I wouldn’t bother with the Kindle 2 unless you find one for a very low price as you cannot buy them new, and the newer versions have much better displays. The Kindle 3 with wi-fi only (the cheaper new model) should do find for you if the 3G virgin device is providing you with a wi-fi hotspot at home.

  3. anyone can help me where to buy this kindle dx here in hong kong thanks

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