Amazon Leather Kindle Cover

Most people with a portable handheld Ebook Reader also want a cover for that reading device. After all the beauty of these personal electronics is their mobility. But carrying around a valuable piece of kit feels a whole lot better if you can offer it a little protection, whether from accidental knocks or scratches in your bag.

The official Kindle 2 Cover designed by amazon has a patented clip system to hold the reader securely in place. Made of black leather it is hardly an outstanding design, but it is indeed tasteful and traditional in look and feel. Internally soft suede protects the reader from scratches.

Now the official amazon Kindle 2 cover has been improved.  A band holds the cover shut so there is no way anything can get in to scratch the display whilst it is in your bag or purse.  Plus (my favorite bit) – it is now available in a whole range of funky Kindle cover colors!

The Kindle Cover is meant to make protection simple whilst still allowing full functionality when reading. So if reading with the cover in place you can still access the navigation buttons and power switch. One drawback that we find with the official amazon Kindle 2 case is that it does not fasten closed. Of course one would hardly be likely to throw the reader around too much but we would expect some kind of fastener to keep it more securely protected against life’s little knocks and bumps. Personally my bag is usually full of all sorts of bits and bobs that could easily slide between the reader and its case and thus I feel much more secure with a cover that can be kept securely closed.

But, for the money (this is far from the most expensive Kindle case around), the way the reader itself fits inside so securely, thus ensuring it can never slip out, I can see why so many people to stick to the original Kindle Cover.

But, really there are some far more interesting alternatives out there and maybe this is not the Best Kindle Cover for my handheld ebook reader. Of course each opinion and review is entirely personal. With over 2400 customer reviews of the official Amazon Kindle Cover and a star rating of 4.5 out of a possible total of 5 stars, that overall customers are more than happy with this ebook reader case.

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