Buy the iRiver Story eBook Reader

If you like the look of the Kindle Ebook Reader but don’t want to be tied into only buying your books from the Kindle Store you need the iRiver Story eBook Reader.   Yes it really does look pretty similar.  Similar size, same QWERTY keypad at the front, same matt white plastic with its modern touchy-feely texture.  But don’t be fooled, this is a very different type of e-reader.

In fact it is not just supposed to be an e-reading device at all.  As all our gadgets get smaller and far more multi-functional the iRiver has followed suit.  Its an organiser/diary/planner and a rather good MP3 Player.  But that’s just the peripherals.  What really sells this particular e-reader is the fact that it supports a really wide range of file formats, not normally seen in the lower priced range of devices out there.  That plus the fact that it looks, at first glance like the Kindle and it keeps its core customers very happy indeed.

iRiver Story Ebook Reader Specs

  • Size – well hey its portable at only  8 x 5 x 0.4 inches in size and weighing 10.1 ounces.  You could easily get a smaller ebook reading device though.  The thing that takes up space is the keyboard.
  • Display – Its yet another electronic ink display, 6″ in size across the diagonal, so easy to view.  Eight shades of gray provide adequate definition and of course there is no glare.
  • Audio – you get a mono speaker included and a headphone socket.  You can use the device as an MP3 player or listen to audio books.  You can listen to background music whilst using the device as an e-reader too which is something not all products allow.
  • Battery – this is charged via a USB cable (although you can buy a plug in wall charger if preferred).  Once fully charged the device handles around 7000 page turns which equates to about a fortnight’s worth of reading.
  • File Types Supported – PDF, TXT and EPUB mean you can buy your ebooks just about anywhere (though not at the Kindle store).  Office based formats including DOC PPT & XLS mean you get to view your work documents on the move too.  JPEG, BMP and GIF file support allow for decent viewing of graphics and graphic novels too.
  • Simple Ergonomic Design – The key controls are under your thumbs when holding the reader normally allowing for easy, intuitive control.
  • Full QWERTY Keypad – For taking notes or using the additional features of the device a proper keyboard makes all the difference if you are inputting text regularly.
  • Also Features Diary – Planner – Organiser – incorporating extra functionality into one device it becomes a digital personal organiser.
  • Design – Easy to use, comfortable to hold and simple to operate.

The iRiver Story Handheld Ebook Reader is not wireless enabled, nor is it a touchscreen device.  All this means you get more power and more additional features for your money.  Supporting various file types means you are not locked into purchasing ebooks from anywhere in particular, great if you want to take advantage of free book downloads or library lending.

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