Bookeen Cybook Opus Handheld Ebook Reader

Whilst 2010 looks set to continue the trend for ever flashier and perhaps more fanciful ebook readers, lets hope the Bookeen Cybook Opus continues to sell well.   One of the more popular models in Europe, due to the delay in releasing other reading devices there, this French model is one of the most stylish on the market today.

This is the kind of ebook reader for those that want a truly portable, pocket sized device for reading electronic books wherever they are.  There is no touch-screen to play with, no wireless capability to test.  This is purely and simply an ebook reader.  But whereas a few of the other pocket electronic readers on the market are let down a little in the looks department (you know who you are – Ectaco Jetbook), this one gives much more expensive products a real run for their money in the style stakes.  It is super lightweight, a real pocket friendly portable device.  But if you are smitten with more modern, application fuelled devices it might not be for you.

This is one ebook reader that first and foremost is for reading with.  You cannot organise your life, surf the web or indeed do anything else really.  But we are supposed to be in the business of Ebook Reader Reviews and the Bookeen Cybook Opus definitely deserves a look:

Features of the Bookeen Cybook Opus

  • Truly pocket sized the dimensions are a nifty 6″ x 4.2″ x 0.4″ and it weighs a mere 5.3oz (around half that of the new Kindle 2!).
  • Large 1GB memory plus micro SD slot for adding extra capacity if needed.  Though just how you would exceed the memory when around 1000 titles can be stored on the device itself beats me!
  • 5″ E-ink display for paper-like reading experience.  There are 4 shades of grey utilised for clear and distinct text quality.  This is definitely for reading, images would be more defined on an 8 or 16 shade screen.
  • Automatic screen rotation between portrait and landscape.
  • Multiple file types are supported including EPUB and PDF.  This enables you to purchase ebooks from just about anywhere including all the big book stores and publishers.  In addition TXT and HTML file support means you can also download free titles from the public library system and online book projects for out of copyright titles such as google books.
  • A rechargeable and replaceable battery that offers up to 8000 page turns between charges.  So many of these gadgets come with sealed batteries it is good to see more flexibility and greater economical thinking from the Bookeen Cybook.  We all know batteries eventually become less efficient so it is great to know you can prolong your gadgets life by simply replacing it when the time comes.
  • Charged via a USB cable from your PC.
  • Really simple to use navigation and operating system.  Unlike some e-readers this one is straightforward.  Load your books and get on with reading them!
  • Did we mention that this is one of the best looking ebook readers around?

Bookeen Cybook Opus – The Verdict?

Well, the verdict is out to be honest.  The feel, lightweight and super stylish design are almost enough to make it our favorite ebook reader ever.  But there is nothing ‘extra’ which is not necessarily a bad thing however the flexibility of using an ereader as an mp3 player too is something we have almost come to expect.

Reading a good book whilst listening to some great background music is a delightful way to improve the rush hour commute and that lack of an audio function is the one thing missing from this device.  Then again, its simplicity is what makes it so small, so sleek and keeps the battery lasting for so long.  So if you hate background music whilst you read, or love the mp3 player you already have, the Bookeen Opus certainly does make for a pretty near perfect pocket sized Handheld Ebook Reader.

Bookeen E-Readers at Amazon

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