Anyone lucky enough to Buy The Kindle UK/Global Edition knows this is one gadget to be treasured and indeed kept well looked after.  For day to day travelling it makes sense to keep the portable ebook reader protected from dust and debris.  While you do have to purchase the Kindle Reader itself from the US […]


For most people with an ebook reader, part of its attraction is its portable nature.  While it may feel great to read your Kindle without any cover, for most of us there are times when a little extra protection and indeed camouflage is what we want. Will the M-Edge Go! Leather Kindle 2 Cover be […]


Amazon Leather Kindle Cover Most people with a portable handheld Ebook Reader also want a cover for that reading device. After all the beauty of these personal electronics is their mobility. But carrying around a valuable piece of kit feels a whole lot better if you can offer it a little protection, whether from accidental […]