Buy the Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300BC)

The SonyPRS300BC is one of our favorite Handheld Ebook Readers. It isn’t just that it does all it needs to, or the cool colors this portable reading device is available in.  We also love the price tag (currently available for only around $175.  And with it being a Sony we rather hope it is built to last like so much else this electronics giant produces.

Post update July 2010…

Sony Ebook Readers are Cheaper!

I know, its a bit dramatic, but I thought the post should really be updated to reflect the eReader price wars started by Kindle and Nook.  The effect has spread and so now all the Sony eReaders are a whole lot cheaper (cheaper than the competition for sure!).

And now, back to the original post…

Sony Pocket Edition Handheld Ebook Reader

So for under $175 what do you get with your pink, silver or blue Sony PRS300BC?  Well it has to be said you do not get the lovely touch screen you do with the Sony Touch PRS600BC, but lets not worry about that for now.  You do get all you need to read ebooks on the go…

  • The Sony Pocket Edition is definitely a pretty portable reading device with dimensions of a  fraction over 6 x 4″ in size and a depth of under 1/2 an inch.
  • It is also very lightweight coming in at just under 8 oz.
  • Using E Ink® Vizplex™ technology the easy to read 5″ screen is designed to resemble ink on paper rather than electronic gadgetry.  It should remain glare free, even in direct sunlight.  But again, the Sony only uses 8 shades of grey so contrast and definition for images will not be excellent.  But, this is really an ebook reader and for dealing with text this is more than you need.
  • Customizable view.  You can choose from three font sizes and choose to read either in landscape or portrait format.
  • The memory capacity is 512MB, of which around 440MB are available to the user.  This allows storage of an ample 350 books at a time.  Again this is nothing like as vast an on board library as the Kindle 2 Reader, but ample for most people’s needs.
  • Battery life is up to two weeks on a single charge.  Note that only a USB cable is supplied, for data transfer and battery charging from your computer.  If you would like a traditional plug in charge for your PRS600 Sony eReader you will have to buy one as an extra accessory.
  • Mac and PC Compatible.  The Sony PRS300BC can be managed via both MAC and Windows software.
  • Content from Multiple Formats is supported by the Sony Pocket Edition including Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, BBeB® Book and other text file formats, as well as ePub/ACS4 and connection with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Colors – the PRS300 from Sony is available in Blue, Rose and Silver.

The Sony Pocket Edition PRS300BC Ebook Reader comes without a lot of the frills we may expect since the phenomenal success of the Kindle.  There is no wireless capability, no touchscreen, no ability to take notes or highlight passages and no inbuilt dictionary.  But then, these features are for many simply superfluous.  If you want a convenient, lightweight reading device that will happily slip into your pocket, is easy to use, and that will store a serious number of books the Pocket Edition Sony Reader could be all the handheld reading device you need.

Built solidly, easy to use, easy to carry this is an ebook reader that does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’.  There are no nifty (unnecessary) frills.  If you want to read ebooks on a portable device all you need is the PRS300BC from Sony.

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