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The Sony Daily Edition PRS-900BC is the long awaited response to the Kindle DX from Sony.  A large format ebook reader ideally suited to newspaper reading.  Beautiful touchscreen technology and free 3G connectivity make this one of the most advanced affordable Wireless Ebook Readers available.

Post update July 2010…

Sony Ebook Readers are Cheaper!

I know, its a bit dramatic, but I thought the post should really be updated to reflect the eReader price wars started by Kindle and Nook.  The effect has spread and so now all the Sony eReaders are a whole lot cheaper (cheaper than the competition for sure!).

And now, back to the original post…

The 3G Wireless connects you to the Sony ebook store only though.  This is a drawback as their range and prices are not the best.  But this may be forgiven, for as the reader recognises several ebook publishing formats including EPUB you can access a huge array of free and paid electronic reading material, including that stocked in public libraries and the free to download books that are out of copyright from Google Books.

What Do You Get with the Sony Daily Edition Digital Reader?

Firstly, this is in the Kindle DX price bracket so you would expect to get quite a lot for you purchase.  The large format and sleek, slim design are a big draw but that touchscreen so enjoyed by owners of the Sony Touch and the improved resolution are all plus points for this reader in particular.

  • A lightweight but large format digital reader – the Sony Daily Edition measures only 0.6″ thick and weighs under 13 ounces.
  • Large 7″ easy to read E Ink® Vizplex screen with 16 shades of grey for high resolution images and great newspaper article viewing.  Simple switch between landscape and portrait viewing, particularly useful for periodicals and large PDF files.  Six font sizes allow for adjustable viewing, particularly useful to prevent tired vision.
  • Beautiful touchscreen technology.  All naviagation, search, bookmarks and page turning done with the flick of a finger.  Or if you prefer things more traditional bring up the touchscreen keyboard or use the stylus supplied.
  • Wireless Connectivity.  The big draw at the moment is for wireless ebook readers.  The Sony Daily Edition uses a free 3G wireless account to allow for virtually instant downloads from the Sony bookstore.  This is the key part of making it a great medium for your daily newspaper, simply subscribe and it downloads directly to your reading device each day.
  • The Daily Edition’s memory capacity is around 1.6GB of memory to store hundreds of books.  In addition, dual memory card slots mean the library you can carry around is virtually limitless.
  • Battery life is a not unreasonable 2 weeks.  This is with the wireless function switched off.  If you want wireless enabled you are looking at around one week of power per charge.
  • Mac and PC compatable.  So when downloading new material from sites other than the Sony bookstore, which no doubt you will be doing wirelessly, the software is fine on both types of computer.
  • Built in eDictionary.  The New Oxford American Dictionary, Second Edition is included within the Sony Reader’s software for quick reference whenever you need it.
  • Content from Multiple Formats is supported, allowing owners of the PRS900 Sony Daily Edition Reader to make purchases of new eBooks from a wide range of sources.  Indeed there are also over a million free eBooks available too plus of course free resources from public libraries.  Formats accepted include:  DRM Text : ePub (Adobe DRM protected), PDF (Adobe DRM protected), Image : JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, Unsecured Audio :  MP3 (Non encrypted), AAC (Non encrypted) and Unsecured Text : ePub, PDF, TXT, RTF, Micrsoft® Word, (Conversion to the Reader requires Word installed on your PC).  So you can listen to music and download free content from the Google online library.
  • The stylish reader comes with an aluminium body but is encased in a soft cover for added protection.  This book jacket is not removeable and something you will either love or hate.
  • Sony Digital Reader Warranty – a one year limited warranty is supplied against defects in materials, with 90 days covered against workmanship.  Additional service plans start at $49.99 for two years or $54.99 for two years with accidental damage coverage.

The Sony Daily Edition PRS-900BC is still a relative newcomer to the digital ebook reader market.  It’s gloriously easy to use touchscreen, coupled with wireless connectivity are definitely giving the Kindle DX a run for its money.  The recognition of multiple ebook formats is a real bonus for those that want to download old titles or library material, but for those more interested in new books the Kindle Store is still usually the cheapest source of new content.  Where the Sony PRS-900BC Ebook Reader really excels though is in displaying newspapers and periodicals in an easy to read and easy to navigate package.

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  1. Where can I buy this product in the UK??

  2. When and where will this modle be avaible in Australia ????

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