Following on from our previous mention of the New QUE Reader, here is our little Handheld QUE Reader Review

QUE Release Date

Though the QUE ProReader has finally be seen by us mere mortals, we are not allowed to actually own one for a little while to come.  Plans are to start shipping the Que in mid April 2010.  If you need a large format, PDF ready ebook reader before then you’re better off with the Kindle DX Global edition.

QUE Reader Specification

Okay, this is a site for users and consumers of handheld reading devices NOT designers of the great little gadgets.  So, as usual we shall forgo the really technical ins and outs of this reader and concentrate on what matters to us…

  • The 4GB QUE connects to the ebook store with a wireless network connection and can store up to 35,000 documents.
  • The 8GB QUE connects with either 3G or wireless network and can store up to 75,000 documents.
  • This is a large format handheld reader with a 10.7 inch shatterproof display.
  • Ways about one pound as is 1/3 of an inch thick.
  • With QUE software installed on your PC, MAC or Blackberry you can transfer documents easily to the handheld reader.
  • Business formats recognised include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.
  • Will also allow management of email and diary with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Another reader with a paperlike display.  This one has newspapers in mind, allowing a reading experience as close to the real paper version as possible, without problems of formatting images or ads.
  • Notes can be added and deleted easily to all your documents, either free form or with the inbuilt keyboard.  All done on the touchscreen so there is no need for a stylus.
  • Largest touchscreen ereader today.

It all sounds pretty good doesn’t it.  But, as far as we can tell there is a small snag…

QUE Reader Pricing

This is where things start to disappoint.  The two models are of course priced differently.  You pay extra if you want 3G as well as wifi connectivity, and of course for the extra memory capacity.  But with the prices listed below we’re not sure that either are truly worth the money:

  • 4GB WiFi QUE is priced at $649
  • 8GB WiFi + 3G QUE is priced at $799

Now, we know new gadgets are always more expensive.  But with the Kindle DX less than $450 and more new Ebook Readers due to be released in 2010 we are surprised the prices are quite this high.  Hopefully they will be cut in due course.

Will You Buy the QUE Reader?

It seems some business applications will be useful of course.  But with so many notebooks and laptops being carried around already who will be buying the QUE Reading Device?  Personally, with the spec not as exciting as expected and the price tag a little higher than hoped for the QUE won’t be featuring here.  We think that for now, the Kindle DX will be almost as useful and a whole lot cheaper, so that would be our preferred choice.  Or alternatively wait it out and see what the next new handheld Ebook Readers bring to the table.

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