Update: In July 2011 Amazon started shipping these Kindle 3G + wi-fi models at an even lower price, offering buyers the chance to save $50 when compared with the traditional ad-free version!  Considering you get special offers that can save you even more money in the future, this is a fantastic deal.  Previous special Kindle […]


Update: The Amazon Tablet is now a reality. Read more in our detailed Kindle Fire Tablet review. Back to our original article… We continue to hear more rumors that an Amazon tablet PC is on the cards.  We have already discussed why it seems like a good idea for Amazon to move into the tablet […]


Amazon announced this week that Kindle library lending will begin later in the year.  The previous lack of Kindle access to the public library system has been a cause of contention for some buyers that enjoy what their local library has to offer.  It has probably lost Amazon a few customers along the way too, […]


Now you can purchase both Kindle 3 models at a discounted price.  Choose the Kindle 3G + wifi with special offers, or the Kindle wifi with special offers to save $25-$50 on the cost of America’s favorite ebook reader. Both offer exactly the same performance and functionality as their full price equivalents.  But for a […]


One of the fabulous features of the Kindle, is the ability to get online virtually anywhere.  In theory this means that you could use your trusty ebook reader on vacation, to access the Google translate page whenever a foreign phrase is forgotten.  In practice the traditional Google translate function won’t display, so you had to […]