nookTM by Barnes and Noble, the world's most advanced eBook Reader

The Nook Ereader is of course Barnes & Noble’s response to the Kindle Electronic Book Reader.    Seeing how well a wireless ebook reading device was received it was no wonder the Nook was launched.  Giving consumers the ability to browse their dedicated bookstore free of charge from their ebook reader makes perfect sense.  No need to buy ebooks online, download to your PC and then transfer to the device itself.  Now with wireless readers your new book is downloaded almost instantly directly from the store to the reader.

The Nook uses AT&Ts 3G Wireless network and WIFI.  So whenever you are within range of either you can browse and buy new reading material.  Within all the Barnes & Noble stores free WIFI is supplied so you can always shop there (though why you would want to go to a real live book store to purchase electronic books is something of a puzzle to us here at the Ebook Reader Reviews site).

For the full Nook Ebook Reader spec check out our earlier article.  For now, though lets have a look at what customers actually think of this particular portable reading device…

Nook Ereader Reviews

Well, it still isn’t selling quite as fast as amazon tell us the Kindle 2 is flying off the shelves.  But there have been stock shortages, software updates and a whole lot of noise as thousands of nooks do make their way to peoples homes, and it definitely looks like the trend is set to continue.  So what of the response to this particular e-reader?  Well the thing that really sticks out for us, is where the nook differs from the Kindle.  Those differences are what make this a product worthy of consideration.  If the Kindle satisfies all your needs stick with it, but if some of its short-comings (nothing can do everything!) are significant to how you wish to use the product then this reader may be worth a look.

The little differences between the Kindle 2 and the nook we’re thinking of are things like a user replaceable battery, endless memory capcity as the storage can be augmented with removeable SD memory cards, the ePUB support that means you can get your books from whomever you choose, and of course allows you to enjoy all those free publications such as out of copyright material.  It is a little more ‘gimmicky’ too, with its small color touchscreen panel below the main display.  Of course it isn’t absolutely necessary but it seems many of us are becoming enthralled with the miracle of touchscreen technology (we definitely have Apple and their iPhone to blame!).

We can’t say one is better than the other.  The Kindle versus Nook, or Nook vs Kindle debate will no doubt rage on until we prefer something else more than either of these two great mid-range ebook readers.  If you simply ‘must have’ a wider choice of reading material or a flashy touchscreen to get your sticky little fingers on then its the Nook for you.  If however you want something curvaceous and beautiful and are happy to spend all your hard earned pennies in amazon’s own Kindle bookstore the Kindle 2 it is.

Anyway, what are the reviews like?  Well its all pretty personal isn’t it.   Some people miss having a real keypad whilst others simply love the virtual version on the nook’s touch screen.  Most importantly the overall outcome seems to be that the Kindle is simple, not to buggy and perhaps best for the traditional ebook reading device consumer.  The nook has some issues its dealing with but possibly a lot more scope for improvements and technical advancements in the future.  So for bookworms get the Kindle, and for gadget fans and tech geeks the Nook might be more up your alley!

To be fair to the nook, there are continual upgrades and fixes being released to speed up things, and when you look at the choice of books available to nook owners the attraction is pretty obvious.  But if things like a color LCD touchscreen and being able to personalise things with your own screensaver photos are simply unnecessary extras you could be better off with an altogether more simple device instead.  The Bookeen Cybook Opus gets are vote for fabulous looks and unmatched portability, the Amazon Kindle 2 for ease of use and the Sony Touch Edition for those that simply have to have a touchscreen!  But like we say there is absolutely nothing to say the Nook Ereader is not the one for you.  That is the fantastic thing about the world of ebook readers today… choice.  Each one is super for a certain proportion of the market, and it could well be that the Nook Ebook Reader is perfect for you.

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