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The New Kindle 3 Reader is smaller, faster, brighter, lighter and just plain better than the last one.   You can check out the full comparison in our earlier New Kindle 3 article.  One thing you do need to think about though, is whether to choose the Kindle 3G + wifi model is simply save $50 and make do with just the Kindle wifi.

Well the important thing to know is that the new 6″ amazon Kindle comes in two guises, and there are precisely two differences between them.  Only the price and the 3G capability differ between the two.  In every other respect they are completely identical.

This makes the choice simple for some.  Remember in general you will use 3G to connect to Wikipedia and the Kindle store (and other select Kindle associated sites) and wi-fi to access the rest of the internet when away from home.

Buy the Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-fi 6″ eBook Reader if…

…budget is key and you want to buy the cheapest Kindle you can, go for the wifi only Kindle at $139.  You get all the same features, the new pearl e-ink screen technology and everything else you could ever want from a dedicated eBook Reader.

The only thing to consider is that you will have to be in a wireless hot-spot in order to browse online and buy new eBooks, unless you happen to have a PC or laptop near by.  For some this makes the wifi only version far from perfect.  But if you happen to download all your new eBooks when at home AND you have a wifi internet connection you probably won’t ever want to use the 3G connectivity of the more expensive version anyway.

Buy the New Kindle 3G + Wifi if…

…you need the 3G connectivity.  If you spend a lot of time browsing online, updating your Twitter and Facebook accounts and buying new Kindle eBooks whilst out and about in a city where free Wifi is not the norm you will be wanting the ease of internet access that is 3G.

Similarly if you travel overseas regularly and want to be using the internet connection on your Kindle whilst away you will may wish to choose the 3G enabled device if you do not think wi-fi will be as common at your destination.

See, it is simple to decide whether the Kindle 3G or the Kindle wifi model is the amazon Kindle for you!

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  1. I am interested in buying the Kindle only with the WiFi. My question is if I buy the Kindle with only WiFi then I can only download books where there is WiFi like my computer or laptop at home. My question is can I buy the books at home and read while I am not near a WiFi connection. I am retired and on a budget so I am looking for the best deal for the best price.
    Thanks, Darlene Danos

    • Hi Darlene,

      You can download books straight to the Kindle only when there is a wifi connection. But when there isn’t you can order books from a computer and then put them onto the Kindle wifi with a USB cable (that is supplied).

      You can read on your Kindle all the books already on it regardless of whether there is a wifi connection, and in fact it is better if you turn the wifi off when reading as makes the battery last longer before needing to be recharged.

      I hope that answers your queries, enjoy your Kindle if you do choose to buy the wifi Kindle Reader.

      Regards JM

  2. Do you have to have a 3G contract with a provider?

  3. I have kindle 2, if I purchase Kindle 3 will I be able to access my email when I travel overseas
    Or at home

    • Hi Kallie, Yes the Kindle 3 can access the internet overseas, so as long as you are using web based email you will be able to use it. You can see the full coverage on the Kindle store page via the links.

      • Both my brother and I have Kindle Keyboard 3G Free + Wifi, his bought and registered in the UK over a year ago, mine bought a month ago in the US and registered to my Spanish address where I reside. We’re both sitting side by side in my home in Spain, and whereas he can use the experimental web browser on his, pick up e-mail etc., I can’t. Whereas he gets a strong 3G signal, I’m getting a GPRS weak one. He can connect to the web, I can’t. What’s the reason for this. Are US Kindles tweaked differently? Is it a question of different third party agreements from the UK or US? What’s the reason? I bought the Kindle when in the US on the strong promise that there would be no problem with this.

        • David, you need to use wi-fi to connect to the internet. The US 3G keyboard kindles are the only ones that let you use 3G to do so.

  4. Can I access my school website and be able to communicate with the 3G wifi away from home if I needed to? What about browsing the web?
    How is it looking at college textbooks with the Kindle?
    I know it is not easy to highlight or make notes on the Kindle, but if needed can you do it?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      You can access websites and browse with the Kindle 3 so long as you are in a wifi hotspot or in 3G coverage. But of course it is best for text based sites since it is a monotone display. Textbooks should be good – after all this is a dedicated ebook reader so that is what it excels at.

      It is easy to highlight and make notes with the Kindle due to its Querty keyboard and easy controller.

  5. I want to buy a Kindle 3 or 3G in Canada but will use it mostly in Germany. If I buy the only WiFi version, will I be able to hook up to any WiFi network in Germany as well? And if I get the 3G, will I be able to access the 3G in Canada and Germany at all? And if the answer is yes, will it cost extra to use the 3G abroad?

    • Hi Steph,


      The wi-fi connectivity is detailed like this:

      Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n (in b or g compatibility mode) standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication; does not connect to WPA and WPA2 secured networks using 802.1X authentication methods; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.

      What that means in English is that most wifi hotspots or home wireless routers will be fine for you to access the internet from your Kindle in Canada or abroad.

      The 3G connectivity is free both home and abroad, so long as there is a good 3G mobile signal (which seems to cover all of Germany and all but the more remote parts of Canada). You can see the full coverage map via the link image at the top of the page.

  6. Another question:
    Is it true that I cannot transfer pdf files directly from my computer onto the Kindle, but have to use the e-mail function? And is it true that I will be charged for this service if I do it in Germany?

  7. Hi Stef,
    You don’t have to email files to the Kindle – you can just use the USB cable. If you want to email files you do get charged so it is cheaper to use the USB.

  8. Just to clarify. We are stationed in Germany, and I would like to purchase a Kindle 3 Wi-Fi ONLY….Will I be able to purchase books here with my German Internet provider, or do I need to spend the extra 50 dollars for th 3G version?

  9. If I understand it right, the prices and books offered in the Amazon Kindle store are different in Europe and the U.S.A. I have an American, a Canadian, and a German Kindle account. Can I register the Kindle at any of these, or maybe at more than one? And if I register it at my American Amazon account, can I access the Kindle store from Germany through this account or would this cause any problems?

    • Hi Stef, You set the location for your Kindle then purchase the books available for customers based in that region. You can change the region on your Kindle account if you like, but travellers would still access the books in the region they are primarily based and so have registered as their main region. Where you are does not matter, it is where you state your primary region is for the Kindle. So register on your American account and then go to the American store from your German internet connection is not a problem.

  10. Thanks a bunch!!!

  11. hi I would like to ask if the KINDLE with wifi is going to work with our wireless connection ( router ) , we do not have wifi at home just the router thing. can i use the kindle wifi with that wireless . if i will buy a book in kindle store can i just sync or copy the book in my Kindle device through my compuet. just like sycning songs to ipod touch.. thanks for the help..

    • Hi Rolando,

      Yes your wireless router will be fine. The wi-fi Kindle will automatically detect the wifi hotspots and ask you for the password (if they are secure). Once entered the device will automatically connect in future.

      If you have Kindle applications on different devices like your computer and smart phone, you can synch across all of them when your Kindle is wi-fi connected as you are synchronising the whole account.

      If you order a Kindle book on your computer you will be able to send it wirelessly from the store to the Kindle, or download it to the computer in Kindle format and then transfer with the USB cable. The copy created for your Kindle will be slightly different to the copy created for your Kindle apps on iPad, iPhone etc so they cannot be “copied”.

  12. So, I want to buy a Kindle for my mother. She lives in the mountains away from any WiFi of any kind and only her cell service works in her home — my cell won’t work in her home, etc… She certainly isn’t near any WiFi hotspot, and her computer runs off its own phone line although it isn’t dial-up anymore (thank goodness). I know with either Kindle she can download books onto the Kindle from her computer, but she doesn’t want to access her email and she certainly doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter to worry about. Which would be the better device? I would rather spend 140 bucks, but I will be happy to buy the 3G if that is the only Kindle that will allow her to access books directly to her Kindle without having to hook up a USB to her computer (something that isn’t easy with her older computer). Help?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      If your mum has no wi-fi access and no 3G she will have to download books to her computer and transfer them via the USB, in which case you may as well save the money and buy the wi-fi only version (or buy the wi-fi and then get her a wireless router for her birthday!). But it is worth checking as she may have good enough 3G coverage (there is a map via the link at the top, just scroll down to the “Wireless Access With Whispernet” and then “Global 3G Coverage” section to view). If her cell is 3G and yours isn’t perhaps she does have a good enough 3G signal.

  13. Stef,

    Thank you for putting this information up on the two different versions of the Kindle. It has been extremely helpful.

  14. I was wondering if the new pearl ink will work the same way if i buy the ebooks as oposed to me transfering a pdf file via USB

    • Mony, sorry I don’t really know what you are asking. The Pearl e-ink display is how the Kindle 3 shows you anything.

  15. Just got two new kindles both registered to me. Can I download a purchase on both kindles?

  16. I have conflicting information regarding surfing the web (Google) and checking and sending emails. Does the Kindle do this or does it only allow surfing on selected sites?

    • You can browse online so could check web based emails. But the web browser is an experimental feature and might seem a bit clunky compared to using a laptop as it is best placed to display text.

  17. I have a wi fi connection, but it seems what I used as a password, is incorrect, how do I find out what I used. Cann you help me. Thank you

  18. Having spoken to (not .ca) this morning, I had it confirmed that the Kindle 3 3G can, for Canadian usage, ONLY access the Amazon website or Wikipedia, nothing else, making web-browsing in Canada nearly useless when using 3G. However, I’m rarely out of wifi connection, so my question is this: If I buy a Kindle 3 wifi (the $139 model), can I web-browse ANY site (accepting that flash and video is a no-go), or am I limited, like the 3G version, to just Amazon and Wikipedia. Here I’m talking about reading the BBC news web-site, sending e-mails on yahoo, etc, nothing too fancy-pants. This is a real deal-breaker for me. Thanks!

  19. Admin and Craig:

    browsing web with 3G is limited everywhere in the word. (only Wikipedia, Amazon and Google’s site available [but you can use google cached version]). When you turn ON WiFi and connect to hotspot you can browse all the website I think.

    My question is: I have a lot of ebooks on my computer (most of them is pdf). Is it possible to place that into my kindle and read it? Or i need to buy all of that from amazone store? Thanks.


    • Hi David, Thanks for all the information.

      You can transfer PDF, .azw and .mobi (unprotected) text files to your Kindle using wifi or the USB for free. If you need .pdf files reformatted you can do that too. There are charges for files emailed using 3G connection and there might be an upper limit on the file size. You can get all the info you need here.

  20. I’d like to note: 3G is for the Amazon Store + Whispernet ONLY abroad, beirut and greece have both given me a “service is unavailable in this country” reply when trying to wikipedia something 🙁

    • You will need to use the wi-fi connection to access more of the internet when travelling in certain countries. The 3G access internationally is increasing over time, but since 3G is more expensive to use (and we are all getting free access with our Kindles) you can see why it is restricted whilst abroad.

  21. I am in Greece and when i tried to view email at hotmail a have the message ‘Due to local restrictions, web browsing is not available for all countries. ‘ I can open wikipedia however.

    • There is a full list of countries where the 3G access will work, but for the widest internet access just switch to wi-fi where all sites are available (providing they will display properly on the Kindle, which primarily means avoiding flash based sites).

  22. I have been researching the Kindle 3 WiFi-3G version and I’m finding disagreement about whether I can use the Kindle to access and use Hotmail for email messages using 3G. I am in the U.S. but will be traveling to Europe this summer (mostly Sweden, Norway and Denmark). If I can’t access Hotmail using 3G in those locations, that might be a deal killer. If I can access Hotmail, but only via WiFi that might work, but I would prefer the wider availablility of 3G both abroad and at home. Can you advise about this issue? Thanks.

    • Ken,

      You will be able to use 3G in some countries, but may need to switch to wi-fi in others. In general use 3G to access the Kindle store and Wikipedia but wi-fi to access anything else (such as your hotmail account).

  23. My brother just informed me he bought the newest kindle wifi for my mom for mothers day. I have a few question because I am VERY unfamiliar with them. 1. I have router that is hard and wireless..will it work with the wireless? 2. Can you get email on it? and 3. which is really silly but it is for my solitaire available on it? Mom is 77 so I need to know theese things

    • Hi Philip, Most home wi-fi routers will be just fine. You can access the web, so if your mom has web based email (gmail, hotmail etc) that she can access from any computer she will be able to access. And yes there is a solitaire game. When you access the Kindle store from the Kindle you can download it straight onto the device (usually priced around $1 but sometimes on offer – there are other games such as chess and scrabble too). If the router doesn’t work just download new books to a pc and then transfer with the USB cable supplied.

  24. hi , If I buy a kindle wifi.. would I be able to check facebook and email if I am near a wifi connection area?

    • @ Bindu – yes as long as you have the password (if wifi is protected) then yes you can access web based email and facebook from your Kindle.

  25. My laptop is hard wired to my router, will I still be able to use Wi-Fi on the Kindle 3G with this setup, if not what are your suggestions?
    I am not a tech person and would greatly appreciate any information you would care to share.
    Best regards

    • @ Keifer. Hi there – you will be able to use your Kindle without the wi-fi connection. You only need the wireless to download new books directly onto the reader; without it you can order them on your laptop and transfer them from your laptop using a cable.

      You will need a wi-fi router or a good 3G mobile signal to transfer new material directly though. But once the books are on your Kindle you can switch the wireless connection off and enjoy reading them.

  26. Still a question about Kindle 3 G charges while abroad. I understand the 3g connection is free, but will there be additional charges when buying and downloading new books? Thanks!

    • @ Cimana – downloading and buying ebooks is free via the 3G. The only charges are possibly when abroad (only daily newspaper subscriptions) or when sending a document that needs reformatting correctly for the Kindle.

  27. I live in Belgium. If I pruchase the Kindle 3G version from Amazon UK, can I connect to the interent using 3G network? Is there any cost? Do I need a sim card ? I am still confused over the concept and workings of the the 3G option.

    • @ Roger – There are no charges unless you are emailing documents that need reformatting (or subscribing to periodicals). However, Amazon UK won’t deliver to Belgium. You will need a friend in the UK to take delivery, or to order from the .com store.

  28. hi there…

    i’m trying to download books from my pc to the kindle via the usb cable… but i keep getting an error message that says my disk is write-protected. and on the menu page is my kindle, the last option ” sunc and check for items ” is disabled.
    how can i change this setting please…anyone?

  29. First of all, thank you so much for the comprehensive Qs and As above.
    I am considering buying a Kindle because I am moving from the US to Indonesia for one year and would like to minimize luggage. I understand that the browser function is “experimental”, but is there any word on how well it displays gmail? Also, the 3G map for Indonesia looks like really good coverage, but can I ONLY access Amazon and Wiki on 3G (i.e., need wifi to use the browser for gmail)?

    • @ AM – Gmail is best if you view the mobile version ( so the display is simplified for viewing on the Kindle. You will also need to change the basic web browser settings on the Kindle, to experimental so that you can view more sites (including gmail) using the 3G signal.

      • I am in London and unable to access my hotmail account. I have been on to the help centre (Cork) and they have been unable to help me so far. I am interested in your reply above re changing the basic web browser settings as one of the error messages I receive is saying “the browser you are using doesn’t work with HTTPS in Hotmail. Please try a different browser”. How do I change the browser settings and why didn’t the help centre suggest this?
        I also stay in Cyprus and the clincher for buying the Kindle was that I could pick up my emails using the 3G signal, If Cyprus is not covered now but becomes covered in the future will I then be able to use the 3G?

        • @ Patricia, trying accessing the mobile version of hotmail ( or or which should be fine. The Kindle just doesn’t cope too well when pages are complicated so better to use the mobile versions of big sites if they are available.

          Regarding Cyprus – it should be the case that when and if the country becomes covered your Kindle 3G will work, but of course nothing is guaranteed until it happens I am afraid.

          • Thank you for your speedy reply. I have tried all the above suggestions regularly since collecting my Kindle on Monday but they do not work. I get to the log in page, sign in, the page works and and then comes back to the log in page again. I cannot go any further.
            Re Cyprus. I have just checked and Cyprus has 3G coverage in the built up areas does this mean that I will be able to use 3G in those areas?
            Regards, Pat.

          • Hi Patricia – there is probably 3G coverage in Cyprus – but not coverage that Amazon have signed up for their Kindle customers to use I am afraid – as it is not currently showing as available on their coverage map. However, that could be out of date as they are adding more world-wide coverage all the time.

            Sorry you are having no luck with hotmail still. Have you tried the Kindle forums on Amazon – there is tons of useful info such as this – it seems hotmail sometimes change things their end (though it can be a little difficult to find). Another possibility is to use something like

            Ignore my comment about the experimental option as that was for the old Kindle sorry!

  30. Hi I visit Cyprus (protaras) regularly and was wondering if the Kindle 3G would allow me to access my hotmail from my villa to pick up my emails? If so does this connect automatically and would there be any charge or would I have to buy a voucher in order to log on as I do my laptop which is wi fi

    • @MD – It doesn’t look like Amazon are offering 3G coverage in Cyprus (there is a world coverage map at, so you will need to use wi-fi. If you have a wi-fi hotspot that you know the password for (or one such as in a bar or coffee shop that you can pay to access) you will be fine.

  31. Mail2web didn’t open the first time so I tried again and got into my in box but it will not allow me to open the new message page to reply. Error message is saying it doesn’t support multiple windows.
    Yes I’ve already been on Amazon and posted my own question. I have to say I’m very disappointed so far. I did research this before spending my money and although I saw questions relating to Hotmail answers were always given (along the same lines as yours) so I didn’t think there would be any problems. The internet access was decisive factor in buying the Kindle and unless I can resolve this Hotmail problem then Kindle will be getting a big thumbs down from me I’m afraid.
    Thank you for trying to help.

  32. Will our new kindle 3 wifi work in Europe? That is will it take the higher volts output (220-250) or do I need a converter of some sort? I have a universal adapter so the plug will work but it doesn’t convert the voltage.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!


  33. On your computer, change your hotmail settings, under More Options/Connect with HTTPS/ Select Don’t Use HTTPS automatically.

  34. I have 2 questions:

    1. I would like to purchase the Kindle Touch 3G in UK. When will this be available?

    2. I am moving from UK to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Dec. 2012. Will there be any problems with my UK purchased Kindle Touch 3G in KL, Malaysia?

    • @ Sharon – there is no news yet on when the Kindle touch will be made available in the UK. I imagine the 3G will work in Malaysia once international versions are released (as with the keyboard model), but honestly we’ll have to wait and see!

  35. si compro el kindle 3 wiffi ahora solo puede ser en america.
    mi pregunta es saber si puedo incorporarle un diccionario en español

  36. Ok, reading all the notes above I am convinced I want a kindle. Now which one? I have dial up (Yuk) but I go to coffee shops with my laptop to do online fast stuff. That being said should I get the Kindle 3 with just wifi or what benefit would I get from paying more and getting the 3g? What exactly is the diff between just wifi and 3G wifi? Sorry for being dense.

    • Kathie – not dense at all! The 3G one would work at home for downloading books if you have a 3G mobile signal. If you do then it would be more convenient to get a 3G model. If you don’t have 3G mobile coverage I would go for the cheaper wi-fi and just download books over a coffee.

  37. I am confused as to which Kindle to get. I need the Kindle 3g so I can use it anywhere. Will it let you surf the internet? Will I be able to check my email? The Kindle Fire, will it have 3g coming out soon cause I would really love to have the Kindle Fire because of the movies, music and tv shows.

    • The Kindle keyboard 3G will let you surf online and check web based email (gmail, yahoo etc). The 3G touch Kindle will only let you use the 3G to access wikipedia and the Kindle book store. For all other internet access you would need to use the wi-fi connection. To be honest the e-ink based readers are not great for surfing online since the display is quite small and monochrome. The Kindle Fire is likely to come with 3G eventually but there is no definite news on this.

  38. I have recently been lucky to be given a 3g kindle as a gift. I live in the UK and frequesntly travel in Spain. Can I connect to the internet while in Spain and in the UK free of charge. Can I check my e mails and send an e mail I am talking of a simple text e mail not one with attachments.

    • Nate – yes you can use your Kindle in Spain to connect to the internet. So long as you have web based email (like gmail) you can access that fine and all for free.

  39. Hi There,
    I will be purchasing a Kindle Keyboard 3G to be sent to my UK Address, and will be purchasing my Kindle books from the Amazon UK Site.
    However, I will be spending a lot of time in the Philippines [in areas where there is good 3G Coverage], so will I still be able to buy my Kindle books from Amazon UK during my time in the Philippines. Also, if I can do this, is there an extra charge?

    Please let me know and Thank you——Robert Beard.

    • Robert – yes so long as you keep the Kindle registered to your UK address you will be able to order books from at no extra charge. One thing to mention is that according to amazon’s 3G coverage map the Philippines is mostly covered only by EDGE which is slower than 3G (and many parts outside the cities are not covered at all). But so long as you can access a wi-fi hotspot you can simply use the wi-fi anyway.

  40. Thanks a lot for your reply. I would like to ask two more questions please.

    1] I will be 99% in the City of Manila while in the Philippines and as Wi Fi is very good there, do I even need a 3G Kindle. All I want to do is download books while in the City, so would just a regular UK Wi Fi Kindle do the job and download from Amazon UK?

    2] If I am planning only to use the Kindle as a book reading device, and not for anything else, which Kindle would you recommend please—-The Kindle Touch, or the Kindle Keyboard?

    Kindly let me know and thanks again——Robert.

    • Robert – if you have good access to wi-fi I would save the money and get the cheap wi-fi only Kindle. If you’re buying from the UK you currently have only 2 choices (the 3G keyboard model or the non-keyboard wi-fi). The Kindle Touch only ships within the States.

      I use my Kindle just for reading basically and I cannot fault the wi-fi Kindle 4.

  41. I live in the states my daughter lives in Canada. If I order her a kindle touch 3g & wi-fi will it work for her there with no problems?

    • Hi Barb. You would have to have the Kindle Touch registered to your address in the States. It will work in Canada but only if registered to yourself. 3G coverage does not cover the entire country, but will work in most urban areas, and of course the wi-fi will work anywhere your daughter has access to a wi-fi hotspot.

  42. Hello Again,
    I now note that the Kindle Touch Wi Fi is available in the UK, and I think this is the one I will purchase. As said before, I spend the majority of my time in the Philippines in good Wi Fi areas, so will just get the Wi Fi only, and not the 3G. I will also keep it registered to my UK Address so I can buy books from Amazon UK Kindle Store. So, in your opinion, am I missing anything out, or is everything I have just mentioned OK for Philippine use please?

    Secondly, I have seen some talk on your site here of changing settings on the Kindle, and also of, Wi Fi 802.11b and 802.11n. As I am not familiar with these settings or numbers, will this affect me at all please? Basically all I will want to do is download Kindle books from Amazon UK to the Kindle Touch, and then read them on the Kindle.

    Please let me know, and once again many thanks—–Robert Beard

    • Don’t worry about settings. The Kindle touch will work fine but remember this so long as you have access to wi-fi.

  43. I am planning to purchase a Kindle for my husband for his birthday – we live in California. We travel to the UK a lot – wll he be able to use it there. We have no access to wi fi or computer whilst in the UK. Which one should I opt for please? Thanks. The cost is not a problem.

    • Hi Jan,

      Get one of the 3G Kindles that work internationally if you want to download new ebooks to the reader whilst in the UK. The 3G Paperwhite or 3G Keyboard models will both allow you to access the Kindle store whilst in Britain. Any of the Kindles will work if you stock up on reading material before you leave California!

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