Order the New Kindle 3G + Wifi or Kindle 3 Wi-Fi

The Kindle 3 is here!  Well, it is if you got in early at least, and placed your order as soon as the beautiful new, faster, slimmer, lighter, brighter Kindle 6″ Reader was announced.  For those lucky folks, organised enough to get in early the Kindle is on its way.  Deliveries start on 27th August so expect your faster acting friends to bore you silly from Saturday on, with just how wonderful this new pocket amazon Reader really is.

If you missed the hype (where were you) and are still yet to make your decision check out our Kindle 3 v Kindle 2 article to see how the new device compares to the old.   In truth, that new Pearl e-ink technology just takes the latest Kindle way further than the old.  Reading electronically is something we were slowly getting used to.  But now that it looks so much like real paper it is not something you should feel at all apprehensive about.  Text simply never looked so good.

With the Kindle 3 Release Date today the interest in the Kindle vs iPad row looks set to grow.  Personally I just don’t think you can beat dedicated e-ink Readers for enjoying a good book.  Yes the iPad tablet is pretty darned nifty and does a whole lot of extra stuff, and for that I am grateful.  But when its time to sit back and relax with a good novel you can’t beat the New Kindle.

And if you haven’t ordered yours yet, don’t panic you are likely to need to wait a few weeks to replace yours if ordered today but at least it will be around before the family arrive for the holidays so you can still lose yourself reading.  Oh, and since you can now listen to background music via the mp3 player you can really ignore them if need be.

The New Kindle 3 release date has arrived at last.  Perhaps things will go back to normal now!

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