For most people with an ebook reader, part of its attraction is its portable nature.  While it may feel great to read your Kindle without any cover, for most of us there are times when a little extra protection and indeed camouflage is what we want. Will the M-Edge Go! Leather Kindle 2 Cover be up to the job?

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We have already looked at the Official Amazon Leather Kindle 2 Cover, but we were far from blown away.  There must be a better Kindle Case out there, and here at the Handheld Ebook Reader Reviews site we intend to find it!

Like the amazon own leather cover for the Kindle 2, the M-Edge Go! case uses a peculiar hinge design compatible with the reader to hold it securely in place.  In addition elastic straps offer further security at the corners, so in theory at least this is one Kindle Cover your reader cannot escape from.

One definite improvement over the original cover is that the M-Edge Go is rather more interesting as it comes in a range of colors and finishes;

Marbled Red, Pebbled Black, Smooth Mocha, Pebbled Fuchsia, Pebbled Purple, Jade Green, Fuchsia, Pebbled Navy Blue, Sapphire Blue, Smooth Light Pink, Saddled Light Brown and Gold.

They are still good quality leather Kindle Jackets with super soft interiors to keep your reading device free from scratches.  But these offer a little more youthful energy and style than the traditional cover.  The M-Edge Go Leather Jackets are still a lightweight Kindle Cover.  They are suited to those that want to be able to read with the cover in place, offering access to all controls and power point.

Some of the customer reviews of these jackets like the fact that it makes the reader look a little less conspicuous as an electronic device.  Instead they are are little less formal and give the impression of a planner or folder being contained within rather than an expensive personal gadget.

Again though the M-Edge Go! Kindle Jacket does not fasten closed.  This means you do need to be careful when placing into a bag that any debris cannot get into the cover and scratch your reader.  One customer review advises placing it into your bag with the open side downwards so nothing else can get in.  Personally as much as I can see the appeal of these bright and funky, yet reasonably durable leather Kindle Jackets I want something that closes definitely so that I cannot let anything scratch my reader.

The M-Edge Go Kindle 2 Covers are for use out and about.  They offer a level of protection but are not the super heavy padded covers someone as clumsy as myself needs to keep my gadgets safe from harm!  The stitching seems good enough for these covers to last well enough and we really like the hinge design combined with the elastic straps that mean the Kindle Reader is kept secure on both sides whilst you can still read easily and access all navigation.  But for us at least, the search for the Best Kindle 2 Cover continues…

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