Ah, it is often the simple things that really give us the most joy, and let’s face it you cannot get much more simple than the humble page number.  And yet, it is simply a delight to finally know which page you are on really!

Kindle 3.1 Page Number UpdateThe Kindle 3.1 software update brings real page numbers to Kindle ebooks.   Before the page number would change as you altered text size and would rarely match the real book anyway due to the smaller display than many paper books.  Now Amazon are embedding information about what page you are on in relation to a real printed copy of the book itself.

The page number will only show up when you hit the menu button, so it won’t put you off your reading.  And though it isn’t currently available for all ebooks the numbers should increase, making it far easier to refer a friend to a particular passage you are enjoying.

To find out which paper edition your displayed page number corresponds too you’ll need to check the ISBN number listed on the Amazon site for your ebook copy.  You still have the more detailed Kindle location information if you want to tell another ebook user exactly where you are in your novel, but the added real page number feature is a simple yet delightful improvement to the Kindle Reader.

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