The Kindle might be fine for reading newspapers, but it has never been quite so good at browsing them, and working out what exactly it is you want to read.

Kindle Newspaper Update 3.1

Kindle 3.1 software updatesThe 3.1 update is designed to make skimming such subscriptions far easier.  A simple list of articles, called the “Sections & Articles” menu.  Using the 5 way controller you can view a list of all the articles in each section, or snippets of each article in a particular section.

It’s all pretty simple to use, but it really does make navigating a periodical a lot easier and more natural, particularly if you like to jump around reading things that interest you rather than trawling through the entire paper from start to finish.

Personally I still think the Kindle 3 is simply too small to really enjoy viewing electronic newspapers and magazines, but then I miss large unwieldy newspapers with their old fashioned impossibly tiny print too.  I guess it just shows my age!  But I do know there are many of you who would disagree with me.  Perhaps the latest improvements to the layout of these large format pages will help change my mind, though I really wouldn’t count on it!


  2 Responses to “Kindle Update 3.1 – Newspaper and Magazine Layout Improved”

  1. How do you update the newspaper on the kindle. what are the steps

    • Grant – I don’t understand your question I’m sorry. If you subscribe to a newspaper you should receive new editions daily.

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