The Kindle 3 has brought us a more “social” ebook reader, but nothing really ground-breaking.  The latest 3.1 update though has increased this focus on interaction, community and social online life.  Two new features will encourage you to publicise your reading habits far more than ever before;  Public Notes and Before You Go…

Kindle 3.1 Software UpdatesKindle Public Notes allows for a whole Facebook style gathering of Kindle owners to share their progress, notes and annotations on all their reading material.

Don’t worry if your choice of reading material is better kept to yourself as this feature is something you can easily opt in and out of.   You can follow other Kindle fans easily through the store itself, in a basic Facebook style social network.

I guess for groups of friends, creating an online book-club will be a boost to the whole ebook reading experience, plus of course we can get to see what more famous faces are reading too.

Kindle 3.1 Software UpdateBefore You Go is a really simple idea.  Just as you finish a book the device will prompt you to tell the world via Facebook or Twitter that you have read another title, and allow you to also let them know what you think about it if you choose to write a review.

In a bid to sell you even more ebooks, you’ll also get a list of recommendations when you finish a title, based on what other folks read as well as your just finished title, as well as other works from the same author.  I might sound a little sinical but it makes sense of course, as there is nothing worse than finishing one book and having nothing else


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