Anyone lucky enough to Buy The Kindle UK/Global Edition knows this is one gadget to be treasured and indeed kept well looked after.  For day to day travelling it makes sense to keep the portable ebook reader protected from dust and debris.  While you do have to purchase the Kindle Reader itself from the US based suppliers, the covers are now available more locally.  It is not surprising that since the US have been using the Kindles for quite some time they do currently have the largest supplies of cases and accessories.  But, now has a growing stock of varied designs now too, so that Kindle UK Accessories may be bought from closer to home.

As the UK market for Ebook Readers grows so too does the demand for Ereader Accessories in the UK.  All the links below are for UK buyers.  US buyers please take a look at the links at the right or in our other Ebook Reader Accessories articles

Slim Silicone UK Kindle Cases

Cover-Up Amazon Kindle 2 Silicone Skin Case – Clear

A Slim&Lite Silicone Skin Kindle UK Case can keep your new reading device free from scratches and dirt.     Light and easy to ‘put onto’ your reading device it has cut outs meaning you can still reach all the controls whilst keeping the screen clear.

These are particularly good if you keep your reader in a tidy bag when not in use, and simply want something to ensure it doesn’t get too smudged or scratched.  Extremely lightweight and machine washable silicon skin cases keep personal electronic gadgets clean and dust free.  A must for anyone who fancies using their reader on the grimy London Underground.

Though most UK customers opt for the clear silicon ebook reader skins, for the more imaginative they are also available in a few different colors (black and white of course) and some fantastic designs too if you really want your reading device to stand out from the crowd.

Some of the more adventurous designs are not silicon at all, but Gelaskin or Dekagirl Skins.  On the whole these are self adhesive labels in essence that offer scratch resistance and a cool design for your UK Kindle.

Tough Leather UK Kindle Cases from Tuff Luv

Tuff-Luv Napa Leather case cover (Book Style) for Amazon Kindle 2 / UK (Global Wireless) – Black

You may prefer something a little more sturdy such as the Tuff-Luv Napa Leather Case Kindle 2 / UK. This tough leather Kindle Case will easily absorb bumps and knocks.  Plus of course this has pockets and card holders making it a little more useful for those who dislike carrying too many items.

The Tuff Luv Kindle Case range also includes more multi-purpose items.  Kindle Cases that incorporate reading stands such as the Tuff-Luv Leather Case with Integral Stand for Kindle UK. Sure to make reading at your desk and long study periods more comfortable perhaps.

Though classic black leather is still a best seller the Tuff Luv range are incorporating more designs and colors into their range.  Baby Doll Pink, Red and Classic Hide (brown to you and me) are all doing well and offer a little bit more personalisation whilst still offering great protection for your international reader.

Soft Leather UK Kindle Covers

With a lifetime guarantee theTuff Luv Leather Kindle UK cases offer some useful protection for such an investment purchase as the UK Kindle.  But it of course depends on how rough and tumble you anticipate being with your new electronic book reader.  A simple slip cover may be perfectly adequate for your needs.  The key is to provide at least some protection to ensure you are able to enjoy the benefits of The UK Kindle for many years to come.  Plus of course it does give you the possibility of personalising your book reader.  There are hundreds of more funky designed covers for funky Kindle UK lovers.  A wide range, ideal for gifts can be found at the side and via the Kindle UK Accessories links here.

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