The Kindle Fire Tablet has arrived. You can read all about the latest features and benefits of the Fire Tablet here.

color Kindle tabletGone is the monochrome display, and in is bright color (16 million colors to be precise).


Updated September 2011: Well we’ve been speculating nearly all year about Amazon’s likely foray into the tablet market. At last, though things are looking really definite. Mig Siegler at TechCrunch this week wrote about actually getting to have a hands-on look at the Kindle Tablet, at Amazon HQ.

So far his work has been pretty accurate, so we see no reason to disbelieve his claims that the new 7″ tablet will be a lot like a Blackberry Playbook and just might look something like the Gizmodo mock-up on the right.

It looks set to be an affordable entry level tablet, with access to just about everything Amazon have to offer;

  • A Kindle reading app.
  • The Amazon Cloud Player for music downloads.
  • The Amazon Instant Video Player for movies.
  • Coming with Amazon Prime membership it will encourage more sales on Amazon (who are currently making their entire site more “Android friendly”).
  • And since Google (who developed the Android operating system itself) haven’t been at all involved in the development of this Android off-shoot you’ll have to buy all your Apps from Amazon too (Google Marketplace software won’t work).

And the Kindle tablet release date? It’s looking later than ever, with a possible October/November launch! And no, the 10″ version isn’t going to see the light of day until this one proves itself in terms of sales.

So the key question, what will it be called, and what’s gonna happen to e-ink? Well, not to worry, so far this is simple the Amazon Kindle, and its e-ink brothers will remain for sale for those happy with something more task specific (and cheaper) to deal with the job of reading for pleasure!

It looks like this new tablet really will be the long-awaited Kindle 4! Want to know how the Kindle 4 compares with current ebook readers? Have a look at our recent article!

Back to the Original Article…

amazon tablet kindle

More indications of an Amazon Kindle being imminent emerged on 3rd May, when Digitimes reported that Amazon had indeed placed an order for color screen devices with Taiwan based notebook manufacturer Qwanta Computer.

Neither of Amazon or Qwanta have made any comment, but the story is believed

With 2011 set to be the year of the tablet it is hardly any wonder that Amazon have added Kindle for Android to their range of Kindle reading apps.  The Kindle for iPad has been a hit, and it cannot be any different with all this years Android tablets.  Being able to use whispernet to synchronise all your Kindle devices will ensure you can pick up a book from one device at the same place you left it on another.

What we want to know though is will there be a Kindle tablet to compete with all those android and Apple tablets this year?  I think that might well be wishful thinking – but with Amazon’s notorious secrecy on all things “future Kindle” who knows!

Amazon Tablet Kindle Device?

Well this was initially an off the cuff little question about whether we might see a tablet Kindle device from Amazon, not really expecting to find much to confirm our hopes and dreams.  But it seems some rather more worldly wise folks such as Forrester analyst Sarah Epps, are in agreement.

It makes sense.  The technology world would like to see some of the tablet market, and take a percentage of Apple’s complete domination with their iPad, which is likely to continue with the iPad 2.  But no-one is in quite such a good position, regarding customer loyalty and sales distribution as Amazon.  The Kindle brand could easily be expanded to include a new tablet device.

They also know just how profitable selling at a loss can be.  Whilst the leading Apple tablet competitors are currently facing serious issues concerning price and profit in such a complicated gadget, Amazon have already learnt that selling Kindles at less than cost brings huge rewards with ebook sales.  Their growing Apps range might just be a sign of things to come.

Of course Amazon are unlikely to have the expertise to bring us the best tablet computer alone.  But put them in cahoots with a company like HTC that specialise in becoming ODM (original design manufacturers) producing new electronics branded for other companies.

For those that have an Android Tablet you can get the Kindle software by accessing the Kindle pages from the device itself.  Just go to the Kindle for Android page.

And the rumors simply won’t stop.  Perhaps an Android Kindle will be here sooner than we thought!


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  1. Okay….I have to say it I can’t ****** WAIT!!!!!! for a kindle in color to be’s taking to long but I know it will be worth it…I don’t own a kindle just because it is NOT in color…as a matter of fact I don’t own an E-READER of any kind!!!!Just because I am waiting for a kindle in color.

    I’m sorry for my vulger words, but it’s true I do not own any e-readers. I don’t want to have 20 devices and only use one at a time…I don’t want to waste my money…and my android phone screan is way to small for me to be reading my favorite books.

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