One of the things many of us like about the Kindle Reader, is that you don’t need an electrical engineering degree to get the thing to work.  What we love, is that any software updates can be done automatically.  Once released, the next time you are in a wi-fi hot-spot and have the ebook reader’s wireless switched on, you should automatically get the firmware update during Feb 2011.  You won’t even notice, it will download in the background and then update the device the next time it is in sleep mode.

Of course you can download any of the Kindle software updates manually should you so wish, but my guess is that most of us simply let Amazon get on with keeping our ebook reader up to date, without worrying about it too much.

Of course, often those updates won’t affect us all that much, improving techy stuff in the background.  The latest Kindle Update – Version 3.1 though is rather more interesting, and will have an affect on all of us.  Over the next few articles we will have a closer look at the latest Kindle 3.1 updates.

The changes include real page numbers, improved newspaper browsing and a whole heap of social stuff to keep you tweeting, and updating your facebook page.  Allow the world to read your book reviews and notes as you enjoy the latest Kindle social experiment!

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