Amazon are huge fans of attempting to prove just how fabulous the Kindle Reader is by telling us how it wins against the iPad tablet for reading.  We’ve heard it all before; no glare, read in bright sunlight, battery lasting a month, etc.  But, for all that we have heard it all, it is still true!  And, for that reason I cannot really take umbrage at yet another Kindle v iPad commercial being aired.

In fact, I rather liked the fact that this time, the Kindle is being shown out and about in an urban setting.  I think that is where most portable ebook readers should be.  The pool-side setting of the first iPad slamming ad was a little too expensive looking, it seemed to indicate that the ebook reader was high class, and so high cost, and we all know it isn’t.  This is young fun, and makes the Kindle seem more ordinary, something for all of us, and not a luxury really at all, which is probably where the truth is beginning to lie.

I am sure we will see plenty more of the Kindle v iPad showdown on our screens.  The truth is the iPad is glorious, but not for reading, for that the Kindle is simply unbeatable by Apple in my opinion.

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