Now that Kindle books can finally be gifted, the electronic book market is looking more and more like the real world of bricks and mortar stores. Books have always been a key gift item, but until now you did not have the ability to give a particular eBook.

Browse for a great book and then give a Kindle book voucher!

One could of course give a gift voucher. Which whilst better than nothing, meant you could not really show your thoughtfulness by picking out a book that you felt your loved one would really enjoy.  It also meant there was a high chance that the voucher would be redeemed on something else, perhaps not even a book at all.

To give the gift of a good book is something we all have taken for granted as a traditional birthday and holiday activity.  Now all you need to give a particular ebook as a gift is to know their email address.

The process is pretty straightforward.  You simply browse the hundreds of thousands of eBooks available at the Kindle store.  Then rather than clicking on the buy button, click on the give as a gift one.  You will then be asked to input the email address of the recipient, plus a personal message if you like.

Once you pay, your gift is whizzed electronically to your loved one.  They get to know you have picked out something specially for them, and should you have made the wrong choice they can of course trade it in for a voucher to spend on another title – just like in a book store.

Of course since this is all done electronically via email, your gift will be received within minutes of you paying for it.  So you may need to plan some time on the computer for early in the morning of each birthday and holiday you are celebrating!

  6 Responses to “Kindle eBooks Gift Voucher Now Available”

  1. I somehow missed the amounts that can be spent on vouchers, or can any amount be used e.g. $100, $200, etc? This voucher will be for my daughter for Xmas. I just need to make sure no mistakes happen with the purchase and that the voucher will reach her to use for a book of her choice. Kindly reply, thanks, Paula

    • Hi Paula, you can either gift a Kindle book itself, or send a voucher for any amount you like up to $5,000. The vouchers can be sent by mail or emailed as you prefer. There should be no problem as the purchase is recorded on your account. So in the event that it didn’t arrive it could of course be resent. The full voucher details are here

  2. I would like to buy a $20 kindle book gift voucher please, what do i do?

  3. I would like to purchase ebook vouchers for my friends birthday. I’m not clear how I should proceed?

    • You just need your friends email address. When you order the vouchers your friend will receive an email confirming the gift from yourself along with instructions on how to redeem them.

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