It doesn’t seem long ago that Jeff Bezos announced Kindle ebook sales were outstripping Amazon sales of hardback books.  Perhaps we weren’t that surprised as hardback sales are of course far lower than the alternative cheap and cheerful paperbacks most of us use (or at least did until the digital revolution really hit literature).

Now though the Kindle domination of the literary world has gone one step further.  For every 100 paperbacks sold by Amazon, at least 115 Kindle ebooks were sold.  And no, that doesn’t even include all those free Kindle editions we download gratis.

When you consider that there are a whopping 810,000 books available in Kindle format, but far more only available in traditional paper version it really puts these amazing figures into persepctive.

Currently the electronic book sales are outstripping hard-back sales by three to one.  It seems the ebook is most definitely with us to stay.  I have to say, as much as I adore the electronic ebook format there is something a little sad about the demise of the real world book.  Perhaps it is the feel of the thing we first learnt to read and escape the world into as children.  Perhaps the smell, or simply the fact that books changed our world in a way like no technology had ever done before.  So long as those great old books already printed remain though I will be happy to restrict future personal purchases to electronic versions instead!



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