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The Kindle DX has been improved since we first wrote these specifications.  You can view the current details, and read over 3000 customer reviews via the link below:

We have been living with the lower price and improved specs of Kindle Readers for a good while now, but when the prices first dropped it made a huge impact.  Suddenly more of us could enjoy the benefits of an electronic reader without worrying quite so much about the price!


Back to the Original article from 2009:

Please note this article has been updated as the Kindle DX wireless reading device is now available to customers worldwide.  The wireless capability now works in over one hundred countries Click for the full wireless coverage map.

The Kindle DX is available only for delivery to customers in the United States.  It offers all the features of the Kindle 2, but all with a little more for your dollar.  Larger screen, rotating viewer (for landscape and portrait viewing), basically the Wireless Kindle 2 we all know and love but bigger.  Here we will have a look at the Kindle DX Technical Information.  Compare the Kindle DX with the Kindle 2 Specification to find out which amazon handheld ebook reader is right for you.

Kindle DX Technical Specification

  • A larger Handheld Ebook Reader.  The Kindle DX is 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″ in size, weighing 18.9 ounces.  Still only as thick as a typical magazine the DX is portable and light but not quite so compact as the Kindle 2.
  • Large easy to read screen.  Like the Kindle 2, the DX uses an E Ink® electronic paper display designed to closely resemble ink on paper rather than any usual electronic displays.  The screen is 9.7″ (diagonal) in size making it the largest of any current portable reading device.  16 shades of gray are incorporated to ensure images are sharp and clear.  This is a real bonus when reading newspapers with your reader.
  • Screen quality.  Because the screen is not back lit you are able to read without glare, even in bright sunshine.
  • 6 font sizes allow for text adjustments to suit your eyes and prevent tiredness from reading.
  • Auto Rotating Screen feature allows you to view full width landscape websites, images and so on simply by turning the reader on its side.
  • Memory Capacity – 4GB (of which approximately 3.3GB is available for your own use) allows for an entire library to be stored on one device.  Up to 3500 books in fact can simply be stored on your one Kindle DX Reader.
  • QWERTY keyboard to make taking notes simple.  All annotations can be uploaded to your online secure library at the Kindle Store.
  • 5 Way Controller.  Highlighting text, looking up words and so on are all controlled simply.  Page turning is carried out with the right hand only.
  • Battery life. With the wireless feature turned on you should be able to read for 4 days and with wireless turned off you should have two weeks of continuous read time.
  • Battery charge time is approximately four hours and can be done with the American power adaptor or the USB cables supplied.
  • Wireless connectivity.  The Kindle DX comes with free access to amazon’s own Whispernet service, with backup from 3G phone signals.  With wireless connectivity you can order new titles, or download from your online library direct from the reader.  In regions where reception is poor you will need to make purchases from a computer and then save them to the reader with the USB cable.  If you take the Kindle DX Global Edition from one country to another that supports the 3G wireless technology you will be able to download new material freely.  Click for the full wireless coverage map.
  • USB connectivity.  Wherever you are you can use the USB lead to connect to your PC or Mac to download personal documents as well as ebooks and upload your annotations.
  • PDF Reader allows all your personal documentation to be uploaded from your pc to the DX reader.
  • Content from multiple formats is supported – Kindle (AZW), PDF, TXT, Audible (formats 4, Audible Enhanced (AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.
  • Inbuilt edictionary.  The Kindle DX comes with an electronic copy of The New Oxford American Dictionary to allow speedy clarification as you are reading.
  • Kindle DX Web Browser. The Kindle DX is supplied with free access to Wikipedia, the web’s largest encyclopedia.  In addition an experimental web browsing feature is supplied (that is still undergoing development).  With this you can browse text based web sites.
  • Audio with 3.5mm stereo audio jack, built-in stereo speakers supports audio books (with over 60,000 available to download from the store).  Or you can simply play mp3 music tracks to provide background music as you read.  In addition, the Kindle DX comes with an experimental feature called Read to Me that allows the Kindle to read any text on the screen (unless the copyright owners have refused this capability for their ebook).
  • Kindle DX Warranty.  The Kindle DX comes with an automatic one year manufacturer’s guarantee.  For an additional sum of $65 US customers can buy a 2 year extended warranty.  This gives two years coverage for any fault with the reading device and up to one claim for accidental damage during this period.
  • Nearly 2 million out of copyright books from pre-1929 are now available free of charge for Kindle DX and the Kindle 2.

Here at the Ebook Reader Reviews site we will continue to look at the various features of each Handheld Ebook Reader.  For now, though we trust the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Technical Information supplied will be of help in determining which reader is right for you.

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  1. does kindle have a sim card slot for the 3G phone network outside the US?

    • Jaeramy – There is no sim card slot. But the Kindle uses GSM technology that currently works in over 100 countries world-wide.

  2. When will Kindle DX be available in the UK, at what price

    • Peter, Your guess is as good as mine. At the moment you can buy the Kindle DX but you have to order from the US, so the price will vary according to exchange rates and duty. My apologies for not answering immediately – both your comments came through within 2 minutes of each other.

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