Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is still going strong.  Read over 3000 customer reviews via the link below:

We have been living with the wider availability of Kindle Readers for a good while now, but when the prices first dropped, and shipping widened to much of the globe, it made a huge impact.  Suddenly more of us could enjoy the benefits of an electronic reader without worrying quite so much about the price!

Back to the Original article from early 2010:

Today is the Day for the Kindle DX Global Edition.

With the international success of the Kindle 2 as inspiration we just knew this day would come soon. But, perhaps more quickly than expected the Kindle DX Global Edition has now been launched. At long last international customers can enjoy the benefit of the large format portable reading device. Travellers worldwide will be able to download new material just like with the Kindle 2.

We will be back with more information but with breaking gadget news this exciting we could not fail to mark the occasion!  Deliveries of the Global Kindle DX will begin on January 19th but you can pre-order now to ensure you are first in line to receive the large format Handheld Reading Device.  You can find out more about the Kindle 2 vs Kindle DX in our previous articles.

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