Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is still going strong.  Read over 3000 customer reviews via the link below:

We have been living with the lower price of Kindle Readers for a good while now, but when the prices first dropped it made a huge impact.  Suddenly more of us could enjoy the benefits of an electronic reader without worrying quite so much about the price!

Back to the Original article from early 2010:

Great news for Kindle fans again as amazon drop the price of their Kindle DX by over 20%.  After the recent drop in the Kindle 2 Price to a much more attractive $189 amazon have now done us a favor with regards the Kindle DX price too.  Now only $379 it now offers more reason to choose an alternative to the more expensive iPad from Apple.

We can thank all those Apple Tablet fans for getting the price of eBook Readers down.  Without their support of the iPad eReaders may have stayed in their static price range for the forseeable future.

Along with a significant price drop for the 9.7″ Kindle DX there is also a new generation large format eBook reader on its way.  It looks great with its graphite trim but more significantly boasts a much clearer screen with a 50% improvement in contrast.  Now we thought Kindle screens were pretty darned well defined anyway but an improvement is always good.

The new generation Kindle DX becomes available on 7th July 2010 but can already be pre-ordered.  Now priced significantly lower than its closest competition this is a far more affordable option for those looking for a large format dedicated eReader.   The improvements in the electronic ink display are great, but a price-drop is even better!  You still get all the Kindle DX features.  Basic web-browsing, and text to speech features too.

A cheap Kindle DX is something many have wanted but not thought very likely.  Thanks to changes in the growing eBook Reader market it is becoming a reality!

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