Kindle Deal News just in:

  • 15th April 2011 – Enjoy a one day only special Kindle DX Deal.  With $80 off you can grab yourself a 9.7″ Kindle DX for only $299 here, but you’ll have to hurry!
  • 12th April 2011 – The Kindle with special deals is now available.  Shipping starts 3rd May and the offer is expected to be only for a limited time.  But a $25 discount bags you a Kindle wi-fi for $114, but you will have to be okay being served ads and special offer deals in place of screen-savers.  Order yours here, or find out more.

Please note, since publishing this post the 6″ Kindle 3 has arrived. Improvements to design, memory and battery and a choice of wifi or wifi + 3G. Check out the Kindle 3 Compare article for more details or click below to order online.

Click to View the New Kindle 3G & Wifi or Kindle 3 Wifi Reader

Kindle Black Friday Deals Update – News just in – Kindle 2 Deals have just been released!  There will be some Kindle 2 (the previous generation of the famous six inch eBook Reader) available for only $89 on Black Friday 2010 itself.  Get yours here – Kindle 2 Reader.

Kindle Deals are now just a part of every day life it would seem.  With the great new Kindle 3 with 3G and wifi priced at only $189 and the wifi only version Kindle 3 a tiny $139 Kindles may just take over the world!  Well or maybe just the average Christmas shopping list this year.

Look out for possible Kindle Deals on Black Friday.  Rumours have already begun that you might see $20 of your Kindle 3 then – but who knows and frankly for this avid reader that would be pushing the purchase way too close to Christmas, I for one would rather be safe and spend the extra $20 to order my gifts a little sooner!

The Kindle 3 with wi-fi & 3G or just wi-fi is one of the best priced ebook readers available, and remains simple to use with a fantastic spec, including awesome battery life, huge memory capacity and a great Pearl e-Ink display.

Back to our original Kindle 2 article:


Today’s the day folks.  If you wanted a Kindle but did not want the $259 price-tag now is your chance to bag a bargain.  Amazon reduced the price and you can now get the Kindle 2 Cheap, at only $189!

Sounds too good to be true?  Well it isn’t.  Thanks to lots of Apple fans going out and buying iPads, both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have been feeling the pinch.  First the Nook reader price fell and this was swiftly followed by the Kindle 2 price.

It’s the same for international or US orders too.  That surprised us a little I have to say since the international market has been a Kindle free zone until the last year.  We figured international customers would get a raw deal as usual.  But we were wrong (and so glad about it too).

The Kindle 2 price is the best its ever been – the perfect time to buy the Kindle 2 Wireless Reader.  Let’s hope the Kindle DX follows suit soon too – though I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet.

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  1. Are there any local stores that carry Kindle readers/Target…Best Buy,etc ?

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