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The first Kindle Black Friday deal has just been announced.  Amazon are to sell new Kindle 2 Readers for only $89 on Black Friday itself (25th Nov 2010). Get Yours Here.

Announced on Twitter, there will be a limited number of the second generation Kindle available for the super low price of only $89.  Now you might be thinking, who wants the old model?  But at that price it is a steal, espescially when you consider that the second gen reader has 3G wireless connectivity and features the same e-ink display as the current Nook.

The Kindle 2 Sale will start at 9am Pacific Time on Black Friday.  We know that customers are likely to clamour to get their hands on such a cheap eBook Rader, and since we don’t know how many will be up for grabs (only that supplies are limited), it looks like this sale will be over pretty quickly, you’ll have to be pretty on the ball to bag one for yourself!

This is the message posted to Twitter:

Black Friday Kindle 2 Sale

We will of course bring more Kindle Sales news as it happens!

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  1. How do I buy this?

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