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Kindle Reader Reviews are ten a penny.  The only problem is knowing what to believe and what to ignore completely.  My main issue with a lot of online reviews is that they are often written on tech or gadget sites that aim their information firmly at geeks, industry insiders or 14 year old boys.

Personally I just don’t feel the need to know every tiny bit of technical data behind how my favorite ebook reader works.  It’s like my laptop or my washing machine.  I need to know the basics that affect me but not how to build my own.  With the Kindle ebook Reader I need to know the battery life, the memory capacity and how it works to help me make the most of it.  All those abbreviations and big numbers mean nothing if you don’t want to learn how to build the thing!  Now that may be exaggerating a little.  of course you want to know the screen resolution and how quickly the thing responds but what all the bits inside do?  Not for me thank you!

That is why I prefer to read real reviews and details written by humans not far too technically advanced geeks (no offence to geeks it’s just that often what you say just doesn’t feel relevant to a mere mortal!).  How does it feel in your hand?  How easy is it set up?  Is it really easy to read in sunlight?  Will I love it more than the old version?  This is why things like the Kindle 3 Compare article are helpful.  Full of the basic bits of information you need to see if the new model is worth a closer look.

But of even more use sometimes are customer reviews.  Now as I write this, there are already over 3500 reviews for the Kindle 3 written by real customers.  When you consider that the device had only been available for a little over 2 months that is a phenomenal response.  You can check them all out via the link at the top.

Not all are positive, and I would be very suspicious if they were.  But as you would expect from a best-selling product overall the response is very good.  More importantly you get to find out how issues are dealt with and problems resolved, often just as important as the first reaction to a new product bought.  These Kindle Reviews make excellent reading (though I am yet to get through all of them!) giving you an average view of how easy the device is to use and how well it works as a dedicated ebook reader.

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