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The Kindle 3 has been an astounding hit.  Read on to see just why the 3rd generation ebook reader from Amazon is so popular.  We figured that it seemed only fair to actually have a look at the latest generation of Kindle Wireless Reading Device and how it compares to the previous model.

If you still own an older model we hope the following information will help you make the upgrade. You might be wondering will you like it or will you miss your old Kindle 2?  Let me assure you the answer to the big question, “will you want the new Kindle 3?” is a resounding “Yes!”.

So let’s have a look at what’s new and improved about this long awaited new 3rd generation Kindle eBook Reader…

In fact lets have a Kindle 2 / Kindle 3 Compare!

Well, we don’t need to look at all the features the old Kindle 2 had since we cannot even buy one of those anymore.  But here’s how the two versions stack up (courtesy of amazon):

So then, the key improvements rolled out for the amazon Kindle 3 are:

  • A smaller lighter body but keeping the same 6″ screen.  The new Kindle iii weighs only 8.7 ounces!
  • Improved screen contrast and darker more defined text to make reading even more enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Huge increase in memory capacity allowing up to 3500 eBooks to be stored.
  • Battery life improvements giving you up to a month between charges when the wifi is switched off.
  • An improved PDF viewer with the option to scroll and zoom.  There is now the facility to look up in the dictionary and add notes or highlights.
  • Built in wifi, so now you can download new titles for in wifi hotspots as well as using the original 3G technology.
  • Improved web browser with free 3G web browsing and dedicated programs to help you quickly and easily post passages to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  This is still an experimental feature and quite honestly not the main point of the Kindle at all, but still a useful thing to have.
  • Soft rubberised casing at the  back, meaning the eBook Reader is easier to hold and will not feel like it might drop.
  • Options to change font styles, and more importantly the ability to recognise alternative fonts and scripts.  The Kindle 3 will display Chinese (in both simplified and traditional form), Cyrillic (Russian script), Japanese, Korean, Latin and Greek characters.
  • Will double as an mp3 player.  You can download mp3 tracks or podcasts and listen to them as background music as you read.
  • The “Read to Me” feature has been enhanced so the Kindle 3 which actually now read menus aloud, allowing you to avoid all that tiresome reading!

So there we have the key upgrades for the Kindle Three Wireless Reading Device.  But there are also two more important points:

  1. You can choose between having Kindle 3G and wifi capability or simply wifi for your new Kindle 3.  Which you choose of course depends on how much you rely on 3G and whether you have ready access to wifi.  But remember the biggest difference is the price.  Whilst the Kindle 3 wifi only model is an extremely cheap $139, the 3G and wifi enabled model is still priced at $189 like its predecessor.  The only difference between the two sorts of new Kindle 3 are the price and the absence (or inclusion) of 3G.
  2. The second “upgrade” is the color!  No not very technical but it is always nice to have a change isn’t it?  The cheap wifi only Kindle 3 comes in graphite.  The Kindle 3, 3G and wifi model comes in a choice of white or graphite.

There you go, all the important points to consider between the old Kindle 2 and the new Kindle 3.  Compare and contrast so to speak!  Plus of course their are more improvements happening, so it is always worth checking out the latest Kindle 3 updates too.

  60 Responses to “New Kindle 3 – Compare The Latest Generation of Kindle Wireless Reading Device”

  1. Can you give me a side by side comparison of the Kindle 3 and the Kindle DX 3G. There is a significant difference in price. Is it just because the screen is larger?

    • Hi Linda,

      Really the key difference is indeed the size. Also the smaller 3G model is able to connect to the internet by wi-fi which the DX cannot.

  2. I want to buy kindle 3. thus what I must to do?

    • Just click on the image at the top – choose which Kindle 3 you want, and for delivery to which country followed by payment and delivery details.

  3. I like the features it has and the features it doesn’t have (I didn’t want color or touch screen I would rather have long battery life)I think it’s great, the only fault i can find is i don’t like the slide on/off switch, its too hard to move.

  4. does the new kindle read books to you?

    • Shannon, most Kindle books allow the “text to speech” feature which lets the device read to you (some publishers don’t allow it but you can always check before buying). Better, in my opinion, is to buy audio books that are designed to be heard (and tend to feature actors with great voices), which your Kindle can play to you.

  5. Can the KIndle 3 read to you as well show the text to follow along? Without having to buy both an ebook and audio book.

    • @ Jackie – yes the Kindle can read to you (as you follow the words) with its “Text to Speech” function. There are two notes though: 1. This is a computer voice not an actor as you would have with an audio book, and 2. Some publishers will remove the capability of text to speech from a Kindle publication, so some books won’t allow you to use it (though most do).

  6. Can you download music on the kindle 3 with just wifi or only the kindle 3, 3g and wifi?

    • Hi Elizabeth – you can put music onto the Kindle 3 (whichever model you have) by transferring from your computer with the USB cable.

  7. Can I buy a kindle in the US and download German-language books on it?

  8. Hi.
    Do you know if the 3G feature works in countries outside of the US ?
    How does it work ? Can you out a SIM card in the kindle or something like that ?

    • @ Steve – the 3G works in over 100 countries world-wide. It works just like at home (no sim card) and is still free (though periodical subscriptions will be charged for when overseas).

    • Does the other, without 3g, work outside of the USA?

      • And what does sim locked and unlocked mean in the case of kindle? Thanks

        • There is no sim in relation to the Kindle. But perhaps you mean a “locked Kindle”? This is one that may have been reported stolen or lost, and then is locked so that no-one else can use it, similar to when you choose to manually password protect your Kindle to prevent others using it.

      • Zoltan – yes you can use the wi-fi version anywhere. To download new ebooks you will need to have access to a wi-fi hot-spot or download to a computer and then transfer using the USB cable.

  9. can i read my personal PDF files and .doc files to kindle?? if yes how ? do we need to buy ebooks only from amazon or is there any way to convert any file to a format that kindle supports? do i need to have wifi/3G if i want to use kindle..
    please help me out ..
    thanks in advance..

    • @ Amar – You can transfer your personal files via the USB cable or email them to your free kindle email address (you’ll find it in your Kindle account page details). You can buy Kindle format books elsewhere (including Smashwords), and there are ways to change other ebook files into AZW formaat (which Kindle supports), but it does require a little technical knowledge and I’m afraid I am not the person to teach you that! You only need the wi-fi or 3G signal when downloading new titles from the Kindle bookstore direct. You don’t need the wireless on to actually read the books, or if you don’t mind transferring via USB from a computer to the ebook reader.

  10. do you have any idea what time this year kindle is going to start allowing library lending? ( I figure you don’t, but i wanted to ask )

  11. Hey there, have you any knowledge of a newer kindle to be released this year? I am loath to spend the 139 euro to buy this kindle 3 and then have the next version released.

  12. Nice review! two thumbs up for this. This is very informative and it is sure to help kindle owners and everyone who already owns a kindle get to know more about their device better.

  13. My reading habit includes lot of Tamil magazines. Does Kindle 3 support Tamil Language, as well?

  14. I am moving to Thailand for at least 6 months, and want to purchase a Kindle. If I get the Wi-Fi only model, will it work in Thailand in those places I can get a Wi-Fi connection?

  15. Hi admin
    Is it possible to use USB-type modem on kindle in places where 3G or wifi is not available?

  16. Hi I was wondering if you could help me make a decision about to get get a kindle 3. Can you download and watch movies on the kindle 3? Thank you,

  17. i wanted to ask whether the ebooks can be purchased by cash on kindle 3 as like payment on delivery in india

    • @ Cliff – books bought from the Kindle book store will be paid for by American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Eurocard, Visa, Visa Check Cards, payment from your checking account, gift cards, Gift Card claim codes, and the Amazon Store Card.

  18. Can you read magazines on the Kindle like cosmopolitan or us weekly, can you read newspapers too.

    • @ Julie – yes there are thousands of hundreds of magazines and newspapers that you can subscribe to via your Kindle reader.

  19. I read the reviews on amazon and it said Kindle 3 has had a lot of tech issues- any validity in those claims?

    • @ Sosa – of course there will be a few problems with any product sold in such large numbers. But, the majority of customers have a great experience with Kindles that are perfect. Those that do have issues are dealt with quickly and sent replacement ebook readers.

  20. which book formats does it supports. Is there any other device with color display supports

    • Suresh – the Kindle 3 supports Kindle books and can view PDFs. There isn’t an e-ink color reader yet, only tablet style devices such as the nook color and possibly the color Kindle due to be released in November.

  21. I’d say I’m a novice to the world of eReaders but I’m seriously considering getting one. Before I do though, I want to know if it’s possible for me to transfer my PDF/Doc/PPT/HTML files from my PC to an eReader. I happen to have a lot of those which I’d like to access on the go. Thank you.

    • @ Bee – you can transfer files from your PC. The easiest way is to email them to your Kindle’s email address they will then be transferred into Kindle readable formats.Not everything will look as good on such a small screen though (PDFs are usually far easier to read on a larger display).

  22. Received Kindle Model DOO901 Version 3 for Christmas last Dec. Love it, but battery totally went blank and I need to know if the battery is replacable and if so which battery would work best? Does 1 yr. waranty apply?

    • @ Nadine – you need to contact customer services. I imagine the one year warranty will stand. The Kindle battery is not user changeable, but the Kindle store will replace it for you so contact them.

  23. Hi,admin
    thinking of buying the kindle3 ,we have internet acess at home do a bit of travelling,which kindle would you buy,as i have not got a clue to all this 3g wi-fi etc help is needed this will be a chrisrmas present for the boss
    thanks karl

    • Hi Karl. If you have a wi-fi router at home, the wi-fi one should be fine. You will only need the 3G is you want to go on-line to order new books when you’re away. If the boss doesn’t mind stocking up on books to read before you travel the wi-fi Kindle will do just fine!

  24. Hi admin,
    I only have mobile internet on Blackberry, no internet at home. Can I still use the Kindle????

    • You can use the Kindle without internet for reading. But to get books delivered wirelessly you need access to wi-fi or 3G. The only way around this is to order books from a computer and transfer to the reader with the USB cable supplied.

      • If you get the 3G version of Kindle (Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G), you can use the kindle the same way you use your smartphone. With free mobile internet.

        • The 3G is limited on the Touch models, only allowing access to the Kindle book store and Wikipedia. The keyboard models have unlimited 3G access. But on all of them you can simply use the wi-fi to browse the internet for free anyway. It won’t be like your smartphone though since the display is geared towards reading static text, not viewing dynamic web pages.

  25. can i expand the memory in kindle 3.

    • @ Srikanthkoundinyan – No none of the new Kindles come with the option to expand the memory. But they do come with unlimited storage in your own library at the Kindle store.

  26. what is the difference between the new $79 kindle and the $139 kindle?

    • @ Bella – the $79 Kindle has no keyboard (though there is a “virtual” one if you need it), no headphone jack (so no text to speech) and a smaller memory and battery than the $139 Kindles. There are two $139 Kindles. One has 3G + wi-fi, a keyboard and includes sponsored adverts (like the $79 model). The other is touch-screen with wi-fi.

  27. What kindle will be best for my wife? She wants it mainly for reading her bible & taking notes while reading. Does the $79 kindle do that r does she need to get the one with keyboard r can the kindle touch also take notes while reading. please help dont know much about Kindles

    • @ T. You can take notes on all the Kindles. But with a $79 Kindle 4 your wife will need to call up the on-screen keyboard and then arrow around to select letters which might be a little slow if she wishes to take lots of notes. The Kindle Touch might be easier as there is a virtual keyboard that she can call up and then type directly onto that. The Kindle keyboard obviously has a “real” but small keypad with buttons to type onto. If your wife is comfortable with touch-screens that model is probably better since it is a little lighter and smaller. But for a lot of typing many people would still prefer the Kindle 3 with keyboard.

  28. can I buy a new kindle 3 in Cyprus and download Greek language books on it?

    • @ Mariats – At the moment only the smaller Kindle 4 is available for delivery to Cyprus. You can download Greek language books onto it provided they are in .mobi or .azw format.

  29. I have a kindle fire can I download games from the computer thru USB, like solitaire.

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