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Great news for those that like to read in languages using different scripts.  The new amazon Kindle 3 can display a much wider variety of languages than ever before.  Use your new Kindle 3 to display Chinese amongst other new characters and scripts.

You can now use the new Kindle 6″ wireless reading device to display eBooks in scripts other than that used for the English language:

  • The Kindle 3 will display Chinese characters in both their traditional and simplified form.  This gives consumers are far wider choice of eBook Readers to choose from.  Prior to the upgrade of the Kindle 3 to display Chinese, the key choice for those hoping to read Chinese characters was the Hanvon WiseReader.
  • In addition you can now display Japanese text on the newest Kindle reader.
  • Cyrillic script used in the Russian language can now be displayed.
  • Korean characters open the Kindle 3 up to a whole new market.
  • Both Latin and Greek scripts can be displayed fully with the new Kindle 3.

And, for those feeling a little left out, the English script has had a makeover too.  You can choose to display text in Caecilia font, a condensed version of Caecilia, and a sans serif option.  Of course you still get the ability to change font sizes (there are currently eight font sizes to choose from).

Now of course the basic menus, dictionery and so on are still all using the English language script.  But nevertheless this advancement in multi character support (particularly the new Kindle 3 Chinese display capability)  will open the Kindle 3 up to a much wider range of consumers.  From language students, to those simply lucky enough to read in their home language, the new Kindle is a great step forward.

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  1. Unfortunately the Korean font is really awful. Not a pleasant reading experience at all. I do Amazon will fix this!

  2. I do *hope* Amazon will fix this, that is.

  3. It is shame that my latest Kindle DX (bought in the end of Aug 2010) cannot display Chinese website with correct fonts at all.

    Although it can read Chinese Pdf books, it failed to display any other Chinese book formats, for example .azw and .txt.

    I found the font issues is not resolved at all even with the Amazon document conversion service.

  4. I just got a kindle 3 which suppose support the Chinese (simple). But that’s not really support. I input a Chinese e-book (mobi) and came out a lot of square between words. Couldn’t read. Too bad.

    • Yes, it seems the Chinese “support” is more the ability to display Chinese. A definite improvement and we trust that Kindle 3 updates will improve this ability for you.

  5. admin,
    Will it has the same problems in Russian as Zhang has in Chinese?

    • Katya, I am not able to read Russian so have no experience of this. However searching online there does not seem to be any issues raised regarding the Kindle 3 Russian reading experience so my gut feeling is that it does the job just fine.

  6. thanks

  7. After talking with Kindle support they said that it does not support Chinese reading or writing. So are your devises doing this natively or are ya’ll adding 3rd party programs? Also I have been trying to find Chinese books on amazon and the sites and I am not able to find Chinese books for the Kindle, where are ya’ll able to find them?

    • Hi, the Kindle 3 will display Chinese characters. Here is the official line from Aamzon

      Kindle can now display Cyrillic (such as Russian), Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean characters in addition to Latin and Greek scripts for certain file types. To view your personal documents with non-Latin characters on your Kindle, send your file as a Microsoft Word document (DOC) attachment to your Kindle’s e-mail address (“name” The file will be converted to Kindle format and sent to your Kindle via the Wi-Fi connection and also to the e-mail address associated with your account at no charge. See more details about Kindle’s Personal Document Service via Whispernet here. Loading TXT files containing non-Latin characters over USB is currently not supported as some characters may not display properly.

  8. HI Folks,

    It is still not clear to me from the above whether the latest DX will allow us to read Traditional and Simplified Chinese – I understand this can be done on Kindle 3, but is DX kindle 3?

    • Hi Philip. The Kindle 3 is the smaller, newest 6″ display. This has the most advanced display for reading Chinese characters, and would be more suitable than the DX.

  9. the best ereader for russian language ebooks is bebook. you can download from librusek and straight to the ereader in text form – comes out fine

  10. Well, i just got my kindle 3 for like 2 weeks. It almost has no problem to display Chinese Traditional, but i admit that there are a few words that cannot be displayed. It just show a square!

    For e-book, apart from being environment, i believe one of the benefit is the “keyword search” function. So, make kindle 3 able to display the character is not enough, the development dept. should make it to able to search in that language too!

    I believe it’s not difficult, as all the MS products such as windows and office can operate well in so many different languages! The technology is already out there! What the development need to do is to put in such technology!

    If can’t put all the language in, may be can simply let the customer choose what languages they need. In most cases, they just need 2 or 3 tho~

    If kindle wanna expend their market, they better looking into this real quick!

  11. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but far from expanding their e-book language support, Amazon corporate has now restricted their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) options for small and individual submittors to only a few modern western languages – while continuing to crow about the new font and “language” support on the device itself. That means Kindle users who want works in any language Amazon does recognize for new publications will be limited to loading/sharing files from other sources, rather than ever buying them from the Amazon store.

    We are e-publishers of free and minimally-priced western classical-language texts, edited and annotated for student use. The Kindle handles display of our Latin and polytonic Greek editions very nicely, so we have been formatting those works especially for it. Now, however, we are unable to submit new titles. The Amazon KDP-support bot is unrelenting in its response: “Thank you for your recent submission to the Amazon Kindle Store through Kindle Direct Publishing. At this time, we are only accepting new submissions in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages.”

    (Many think that this restriction is all about Amazon not having sufficient multi-lingual staff to handle the vetting of new content – we have offered our services to them in this regard, as to Latin and Classical Greek, without response. Readers of Chinese, Korean, Russian, etc. may want to bug the KDP support team, though I think you’d need to establish a KDP account first…)

  12. I would like to buy the latest kindle but very much depends on if I can read and search in Chinese properly or not. Apart from these functions, I would also hope the Kindle store has enough varieties of books particularly classic or educational etc in Chinese too. The restriction on foreign languages as mentioned above may not be a good idea.

  13. will the kindle translate any book that i have stored into chinese? if so, how do i access this? I am trying to get “the hound of the baskervilles” in chinese.

    • Hi Michele, The Kindle won’t translate a book. You would need to find a copy of the book published in Chinese and download that to the Kindle.

  14. At Amazon – James Joyce (2011-03-29). Dubliners (Kindle Locations 6155-6162). Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Kindle Edition.

    We have just downloaded a Kindle book (bilingual English and short-form Chinese) of Joyce’s Dubliners ($2.99 Foreign Language Press) and are reading it in KindlePC (on a machine that has Chinese fonts installed, if that makes a difference).

    At first, we thought it was digitized (photographed, like Google Books digitized books, because at high magnification the fonts are like what you get when you enlarge a png. Other Kindle books supported by on-board English fonts have distinct pixels.

    Next, we cut and paste a selection of Chinese from the Kindle Book into Notepad (where Chinese is supported by Vista) and were surprised to find each character selectable, and recognizable by the MDBG Chinese reader.

    So, as for Chinese books available for readers, there is a small selection at Amazon, Google, and Gutenberg (in ePub and other formats), and they can be read on a PC that has Chinese-language support, but whether these books can be read on eReaders, experience seems to vary quite a bit.

    As for the fonts in this Dubliners translation, we’d sure appreciate any insights from the forum. How do the fonts function? We haven’t yet figured out how to get an encrypted DRM’d Kindle book into HTML so we can get a better idea of what was done to provide both English and Chinese in this book. At this point, the only alternative we seem to have for publishing a Kindle book, or any popular eBook format, is to strip out the Chinese (and there’s a lot of that, too much to replace with graphics).

    Thanks all,
    Old Chinese Books

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