Another Kindle exclusive are seven new editions of Albert Einstein works.   Featuring new photographs, previously unseen documents and biographical information the series is a must for science, maths and history lovers alike:

Einstein editions for Kindle

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Of course these might be rather specialist offerings, but that is indeed the beauty of electronic books.  Titles that would be lucky to see a reprint every 20 years or so, can be updated and improved upon, offering consumers the chance to view new documents, photographs and information.

The seven Einstein Kindle books released on 14th March (Einstein’s birthday) with exclusive new additions for Kindle format include:

  • Essays in Humanism – A collection of essays from 1931 to 1950, commenting on the whirlwind of change occurring in society, industry, technology and economy.
  • Essays in Science – A collection of Einstein’s speeches and articles pondering scientific change and the work of scientists he admired.
  • Letters to Solovine – Personal letters to his life long friend and collaborator Solovine, detailing views on politics, philosophy and personal life at home.
  • Letters in Wave Mechanics – Bringing together correspondance between Erwin Schrödinger and Max Planck, H.A. Lorentz, and Albert Einstein, illustrating their understanding and influence upon the changing world of science and the development of Quantum Mechanics.
  • Out of My Later Years – A collection of work from Einstein’s last 15 years give an insight into his views on the troubled world around him. Society, physics, philosophy, those areas that interest him are all included.
  • The World As I See It – Essays, articles, speeches and letters prior to 1935 give us a perspective from the aftermath of the First World War.
  • The Theory of Relativity and Other Essays – Seven of the most important essays in Physics from the great man.

This is a great collection.  The great scientist is able to articulate clearly and surprisingly succinctly even to a modern audience.  Even some of the physics comes across clearly!  But for a real insight into the clever mind of such an important humanitarian who was often far ahead of his time, the collection is a great Kindle book buy.


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