Update: The color Kindle has arrived. It has surprised many that the latest Kindle takes the form of not an e-ink based device, but instead a multi-functional portable tablet PC, and it’s name is Kindle Fire.

color Kindle tabletGone is the monochrome display, and in is bright color (16 million colors to be precise).

This is the cheap tablet many people have been waiting for. But it isn’t the color e-ink that many wanted. Instead we have an entry level tablet that will do all those tablet type things we expect from something much more expensive (watch movies, listen to music, read books, play games, surf the net etc). You can read all about the Kindle Fire Tablet in our more recent post.

Back to our original article:

We all want to know the Color Kindle 4 Release Date.  But we know that there won’t be any announcements just yet.  New Kindle Readers tend to be released during the summer so we expect any news is likely in July.  For now though at least we at last know that a Kindle in color is a real possibility.

Color E-Ink or LCD Color Kindle Tablet?

Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) is still saying that color e-ink still isn’t quite up to the standard he would like to see in any dedicated ebook reader.   But that won’t stop a color Kindle being developed; its just that is more likely to be an entry level tablet, that will be sold alongside the monochrome Kindle readers we are already familiar with.  This would create a range, more like that of the Nook.  Of course, though the latest introduction of the Simple Nook Touch Reader is making waves, so perhaps, alongside a color Kindle tablet, we will see a swift move to a touch-screen Kindle 3 as well.

At CES 2011 in Vegas Hanvon introduced the world to its first full color electronic ink eReader.  Does that mean we will see a Kindle with full color soon?  Well who knows, but it certainly looks that way as so many people do want to read in color.  However the issue is likely to be whether consumers actually find color e-ink acceptable.  Yes over 4000 colors can be displayed and the images are very sharp.  But unlike back-lit displays there is not the same brightness or saturation we have come to accept.  Nor can the refresh speed cope with animations or the like.

It seems there will still be a place for back-lit e-readers for those that want brighter colors.  Still though the option of a color Kindle will be widely welcomed by some.  We just hope they aren’t disappointed that it won’t look like an iPad!

Until late in 2010 it seemed that e-ink would remain excellent but monochrome.  The fantastic news that E-ink Triton – a full color version of the easy on the eye electronic ink display was greeted with excitement by those that want ebook readers to move forwards but do not want to choose the bright, but power hungry LCD back-lit displays used in tablet PCs.

Color Triton displays can still perform with excellent battery life like the current Pearl versions and there is no glare associated with them.  If you want color without the bright lights of a tablet you might just love it.  But don’t get your hopes up just yet.  Hanvon are not planning on selling their new color ebook reader in the US so it looks like we will have to wait for Amazon to bring us a color Kindle release date before we can see what we really think of Triton displays in practice.

Will You Buy a Color Kindle?

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  1. I will wait : like the dx but color is my thing

  2. Kindle ideal for the bookworm people and those who want to review their subject before taking any exam. Nice one

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