kindle library lendingAmazon announced this week that Kindle library lending will begin later in the year.  The previous lack of Kindle access to the public library system has been a cause of contention for some buyers that enjoy what their local library has to offer.  It has probably lost Amazon a few customers along the way too, since both the Nook and Sony Readers have been library compatible for years already.

But, don’t think this is simply a game of catch up.  The Kindle library lending service is likely to be better than most.  Amazon are tweaking their Whispersync service so that these library books can be “scribbled on” by you, unlike their real paper counterparts.

Any notes you make whilst borrowing a libraries ebook will be saved on your account.  So, should you borrow or buy the same title in the future all your annotations will appear for you to refer to again.

The Library Lending for Kindle facility will work with all generations of the Kindle Reader itself, as well as with any Kindle Apps you currently have on other devices.  Amazon are currently working with Overdrive which is the leading internet provider of library ebooks today.  Dealing with over 11,000 US libraries to provide ebooks to the millions of ebook reader owners, the company already deal with the likes of Sony and Barnes & Noble.

This Kindle news is sure to reaffirm Amazon’s position as top of the current ebook reader tree.  Kindle library lending will no doubt bring even more future customers into the fold!


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