Kindle touch ReaderThe new Kindle Touch Reader started shipping in November 2011. Read on to find out whether this is the right Kindle for you, with our detailed look at the latest ebook reader from Amazon.

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Of course there is a lot to attract buyers to a new touch-screen interface version of their favorite ebook reader. Because as well as simply looking better without a keyboard taking up space, many of us now find touch navigation second nature, since it is cropping up on so many of our gadgets.

But what does the new Kindle have to offer? Like most users of ebook readers I admit I couldn’t care less what the operating system is, or much of the technical mumbo jumbo that creates such clever devices. So here are the key points I wanted to know, and I assume most potential buyers will be interested in…

Kindle Touch Specification

Okay then, so what does the average ebook fan need to know about the touch version of the Kindle 4?

  • Smaller than the Kindle keyboard at 6.8″ x 4.7″x 0.40″, and around an ounce lighter (7.5 oz for the wi-fi version, and 7.8 oz for the 3G model).
  • Same 6″ Pearl E-ink display used on all the other monochrome Kindles, so looks great in sunlight.
  • Touch-screen allows you turn pages quickly with a tap, and access all controls instantly, using either hand. For typing notes a virtual keypad can be called up onto the display at any time.
  • Same memory as the keyboard model allows around 3000 books to be stored on the device. Plus you get free unlimited storage on-line too.
  • Available in both wi-fi and 3G + wi-fi versions. Unlike the 3rd generation 3G models, this one only allows users to access Wikipedia and the Kindle book store using the 3G connection. For any other internet access you will need to use the wi-fi.
  • Both models come as standard products, or ad sponsored ones. If you want to benefit from a significant discount in price you can take advantage of being served advertisements and special offers rather than the usual author screen-savers. If you do choose this option you can now upgrade to an ad free service by paying a fee in the future.
  • Comes with Amazon’s new X-Ray feature. This downloads additional information along with any new titles, giving geographical, historical and character information regarding your book.
In many respects we could simply say the touch-screen Kindle, is the Kindle 3, but a little bit smaller and with touch navigation rather than a keyboard. The two devices have a lot more in common than that which is different:
  • Same Kindle book store with over 1,000,000 free titles and thousands of free books.
  • Same Whispersync service to synchronise your reading across devices.
  • Audio for Audio books,  Text to Speech and MP3 playing.
  • Adjustable text sizes for comfortable reading no matter your eye-sight.
  • Same display.
  • Long battery life of up to two months.
  • The same memory and free Cloud storage.
  • The ability to email PDF and other personal documents to the device.
  • Similar pricing structure.
Whether the Kindle Touch is right for you will depend on just how important you think a keyboard is when compared to a touch-screen. Personally I was never a huge fan of the keyboard, but I know some folks prefer a “real” typing experience. Since I never really add notes, and do very little web browsing on my Kindle it doesn’t matter for me at all. And, in fact personally I would rather get something even lighter ans smaller and choose the even cheaper Kindle 4 instead. I know touch-screens are nice, but I mostly just read on my device so it isn’t necessary. However I imagine I will be in the minority since so many people do prefer to navigate through touch rather than buttons!
If you haven’t seen the Touch-screen Kindle in action yet you might find this hands-on look from TechCrunch of interest.


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