kindle in spainWhilst most of our site’s visitors are based in the United States, we do have plenty of comments from overseas buyers hoping to get hold of a Kindle Reader too. Back in August 2010 the UK Kindle store opened allowing British customers to order their ebook readers without incurring duty charges or expensive shipping. Earlier in 2011 Germany followed suit. And now, it seems that by the end of 2011 the Kindle in Spain will finally be available.

Amazon launched a Spanish site ( in  September, selling books, electronics, DVDs, CDs, watches and games. Sadly though no Kindles or electronic books were made available to Spanish residents. But if the national press in Spain are to be believed (and since they foretold the store’s opening rather accurately why not?), it seems a Spanish Kindle store is on its way. Expected to launch by the end of the year, the store will sell Amazon’s ebook reader and ebooks direct, saving the Spanish having to order from America. And, like the real paper books sold on we imagine there will be plenty of stock available in languages other than  Castilian. Great news for Catalans, Galicians and British ex-pats enjoying the sunny Costas!

Of course once we have the confirmed launch date of the Kindle Spain store we will be sure to update the site. For now though, if you want to buy cut price books and electronics in Spain check out


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