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Kindle Black Friday Deals Update – News just in – Kindle 2 Deals have just been released!  There will be some Kindle 2 (the previous generation of the famous six inch eBook Reader) available for only $89 on Black Friday 2010 itself.  Get yours here – Kindle 2 Reader.

We all love a bargain, which is why of course so many people are looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving.   Kindle deals for Black Friday 2010 are looking promising already.  For the largest range of accessories and the most obvious place to buy the eBook Reader itself check the link above.   But will there be any great Kindle Black Friday deals?  Oh come on, of course there will.  The question  though of whether the actual Kindle Reader is likely to be given a special discount sale price is something else entirely.  We now know that Amazon are following the success of last years sale and giving us a whole week of great discounts leading up to the day itself.  What they are offering though is yet to be confirmed but you can find out by visiting the link above regularly to see what updates are announced.

If you think about it there might not be any real reason to drop the Kindle’s price this year.  Demand for this hot product is huge.  As this is written there is a three Kindle limit on all orders which is pretty mad and proves just how good sales are going regardless of any special discounts likely to be offered.  However there are rumours about on some of the reputable business and sales forcasting sites that suggest a price reduction might actually occur.  The reasoning is that consumer electronics are becoming the mainstay of the gift buying season, and top of that list are ebook readers.  In fact there is already news that the wifi only Nook is likely to be made available for $99 which is a $50 saving.  As the main Kindle wifi competition it makes sense that Amazon might offer a similar deal.  My guess though is that any significant discount would be limited severely in terms of the supplies made available.  Perhaps a few thousand for Cyber Monday?  We shall have to wait and see of course, but we cannot help speculating!

We’re confident there will be some great discounts on Kindle covers and cases.  Big names like Belkin and M-Edge are bound to make some great offers.  But you will need to have your wits about you.  My guess is that a lot of offers will be for old second generation Kindle accessories that they are trying to off-load.  Of course we might see a few deals from 22nd November for latest generation cases and covers too, but you have been warned!  Kindle Black Friday Deals are likely to be short-lived and possible extremely limited.  I wouldn’t hold my breath guaranteeing to get hold of a discounted reader itself but I’m sure a lucky few may get the deal of a lifetime!

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