Oct 052011

The new Kindle Fire Tablet is now available. Read on for more information regarding the newest tablet in town. A completely new addition to the Kindle range, this is the entry level tablet people have been waiting for.   Okay, so most of us would find it pretty difficult to be unaware of Amazon’s new […]

Sep 162011

Whilst most of our site’s visitors are based in the United States, we do have plenty of comments from overseas buyers hoping to get hold of a Kindle Reader too. Back in August 2010 the UK Kindle store opened allowing British customers to order their ebook readers without incurring duty charges or expensive shipping. Earlier […]

Jun 222011

Update – The release date is 15th November but you can pre-order before-hand. Check out our complete look at the new Kindle Fire Tablet for more information. Update 25th Sept 2011: The Amazon Tablet Release Date looks set to be announced on 28th September. Amazon are planning a press conference in New York, and since they […]