Update: In July 2011 Amazon started shipping these Kindle 3G + wi-fi models at an even lower price, offering buyers the chance to save $50 when compared with the traditional ad-free version!  Considering you get special offers that can save you even more money in the future, this is a fantastic deal.  Previous special Kindle special offers include: $10 for a $20 gift card, save $500 on select HDTVs, thousands of $1 Kindle books, and get a $10 gift card when you spend $10 on Kindle books.

At the beginning of May Amazon started shipping their wi-fi only version reader at a discount price of only $114.  The $25 discount came with slight catch that instead of literary screen-savers you would be shown advertisements and special offers.

Kindle With Sponsored ScreensaverWhilst industry analysts thought it might be a wrong move, customers voted with their wallets and accepted the pay off as a great way to bag a bargain.  The discounted Kindle quickly took the number one spot on Amazon’s best seller lists, so rather unsurprisingly the store has now launched the Kindle 3G + wi-fi with sponsored discounts.  Again you get $25 of the original retail price (so now pay $164 for the cheapest 3G ebook reader around).

Since everything about the device is identical to the original $189 model we expect the discounted version to prove popular.  You pay a little less, and instead of having screen-savers depicting famous authors, you are shown advertisements or special deals you might be interested in.  Of course for some this might seem like a bit of an intrusion, but even the paperback has often contained ads for other works at the back.  And, since these Kindle ads won’t interfere with actually using the device we think it is definitely worth the $25 saving.

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  1. Does the 3G have to be set up per country, or can you use it anywhere in the world? Question is, can I buy it in Europe and bring it home to South Africa without it requiring any change in settings?

    • @ Annabelle – the 3G on the Kindle itself will work in over 100 countries including South Africa. In theory you should alter your Kindle account to say where you are based (this means that books that are published in your place of residence are the ones you can download). Also do note that some subscriptions such as periodicals and magazines are chargeable if you are using 3G out of your home registered country.

  2. I would like the kindle to be more open in term of how you buy book and put the files into it, I have play the ipad2 for 2 weeks, everything is good but the way they control how and where you can get the applications and how you can copy the files into it is too difficult and they just want to make as much as money as possible, it is also heavy in term of reading a book for long time. I hope engineers should work on the weight, and add usb, sd & hdmi port for this device to be total connect to the outside world nice and easy. If they put 3g or 4g in it make sure it is unlock and people will buy it like a phone to use all the time. this is my 2 cents.

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