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Update – Well it took Amazon a bit longer than expected, but an Android based Kindle has been released, you can see the full details here.

We know technology stands still for no man, but is a move towards an Android Kindle really an inevitability? The current Kindle 3 works on a Linux operating system, and is, as we know pretty awesome when it comes to reading. But consumers seem to want a color Kindle. Whilst a switch to Triton e-ink display (like Hanvon are doing) would work, it would not bring us bright color like that we are used to on our computer screens.

With the iPad 2 likely to impinge on ebook reader sales, might a move towards a a more tablet based Kindle device be more appropriate (just like Barnes & Noble have done with their nook Color)? Well since Amazon are reportedly recruiting 5 new members of staff with Android experience we might agree with other technology websites and conclude that an Android Kindle Tablet device could well and truly be on the cards.

Of course the alternative is that Amazon are simply looking to make more money from developing and distributing Android Apps. We will have to wait and find out, but expanding the Kindle brand would be likely to go down well with consumers who already trust the product and the store behind it.

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  1. I would like to be notified when an actual release date for a color Kindle is announced. I would also want to be notified if advance orders will be taken…and where.

    Thank you


  2. I will love to see real color e ink screen on the market next year am a member of hanvon i will then help android with e ink and future life like images, still hoping for new technology inventions.

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