Update – The release date is 15th November but you can pre-order before-hand. Check out our complete look at the new Kindle Fire Tablet for more information.

Update 25th Sept 2011: The Amazon Tablet Release Date looks set to be announced on 28th September. Amazon are planning a press conference in New York, and since they rarely bother with such events unless something big (like some new Kindle hardware perhaps) is set to be released, expect to get a firm release date for (and first official look at) the new Kindle tablet.

amazon tabletIt looks like the Amazon Tablet release date is all set for August 2011.  We thought as much (it would follow on from the last big release of the Kindle 3 which was in the summer of 2010, and of course makes a lot of sense if your product is something people will want to buy in their droves in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A report from Taiwan based tech site Digitimes is now suggesting that previous speculation about the specification of the new devices might be pretty wide of the mark.  But, timings for the release date could be even earlier than expected.

The current “news” is that the Amazon tablet (and presumably the smaller Color Kindle) will be based on processors developed by Texas Instruments.  E-ink Holdings are no longer thought to be in the picture either (these are the guys that make the current Kindle display).  Instead Wintek (based in Taiwan) will be producing the touch-screen panels (Digitimes).

It still looks like we will be seeing two devices though.  The iPad 2 competitor; aka the Amazon Hollywood Tablet, and the smaller, more basic color Kindle tablet which will come in at a price designed to suit those wanting a tablet to view ebooks, rather than a large format device with its associated higher price tag.

As usual, all we have heard from Amazon officially is to Jeff Bezos (CEO) responding to an enquiry about whether or not the company have a tablet in the works, with the comment “Stay Tuned”.  I

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  1. color kindle

  2. Would like to know the release dates of both the Kindle in colour and Amazon tablet.

  3. Still waiting to purchase a kindle color tablet as soon as it is available.

  4. Notify me when the color Kindle become available.

  5. Interested in Amazon tablet and Kindle in Color.

  6. Bring on the color! Can’t wait!

  7. Hurry with the color…It’s my birthday soon and hopefull that the new Kindle will be in time.

  8. Looking forward to colour kindle. Hopefully will be available for shipment to Australia on release. Kindle 3 is a great ereader, have read more books since purchasing than I have ever been able to in the past. text to speech has helped, can do housework and still be reading a book at the same time.

  9. Would like to know when the Kindle Tablet is available

  10. would like to know release date of kindle color and tablet

  11. Interested in the kindle tablet

  12. I would like to be notified as soon as the kindle tablet and color are introduced.

  13. would love to know about the new color kindle and the amazon pad.

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