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Since not everyone owns the Amazon Kindle Reader yet we thought it might be helpful to answer some of the common questions regarding the Kindle 3 and Kindle DX.  First up is all the information you need about sharing Kindle eBooks.

1. Can I Share My Kindle eBooks With Friends and Family?

Please note that the information below was correct a the time of writing, but in October 2010 Amazon confirmed they would allow ebook lending later in the year.  You can see exactly how Kindle book lending works in our more recent article here.

  • Now Kindle book lending is simple.  You just enter the email address of the Kindle you wish to lend a title too.
  • The book will be sent to the borrower for a maximum of 14 days, during which time the lender will not be able to access it.
  • When your friend is borrowing one of your books they will be able to update it with notes that will be held on their account, and should they buy the book in the future they will see those previous notes again.  You will not see the borrowers notes, and they will not see yours.
  • You may only lend a book once and for a fortnight at the longest.

In April 2011 Amazon also announced that later in the year Kindle library lending will be made possible too, which really expands the ebooks convenience and is likely to bring in even more ebook reader customers.

back to our original post…


The good news is Kindle eBooks can be shared with your family.  The bad news is your friends will need to borrow your Kindle Reader too if you want them to read your new favorite electronic novel.

The system works like this:  When you buy a new Kindle you get an account with the Amazon Kindle Store.  Now if you register all your family’s Kindle Readers and Kindle Apps on that account you can share your purchases.  Each new title you buy can be simultaneously downloaded to a maximum of six devices, be they Kindles, computers, iPhones or whatever.

Each eBook file is specific to the device you download it onto.  So you cannot copy the file on your iPhone onto your MAC for example.

So all your devices registered onto a single account can enjoy the same eBooks and you only need to buy them once.  All the titles you order are automatically backed up on your personal Kindle account so they will always be there for you.  Should you upgrade from say a Kindle 2 to the new Kindle 3 all your old eBooks will still be sitting in your online library for you to enjoy, so long as you remember to add your new device to your account.

One thing to remember is that your online library automatically backs up any notes you make and also your bookmarks.  This is great for synchronising your reading if you use your laptop to read a few pages in work, and then resume reading on your Kindle at home for example.  But, if you and your partner are both enjoying the same book at the same time, you will need to log in to your account and stop this function.  Otherwise you will keep over-riding each others bookmarks which would be a little annoying.  It is simple to do but very important!

We’ll be back soon with more Amazon Kindle questions for you, but feel free to contact us if you have anything you would like answered more quickly!

  2 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Q and A – 1. Sharing Kindle eBooks”

  1. Question :
    I bought a used kindle and it has 25 purchased books on it. I have not been able to read all of them so far,but I have purchased an I pad now and would like to transfer hThe already exciting books not purchased by me on to my I pad so I can read then. Can I do that or is not possible?

    I have tried to down load them on to my computer put have not been successful..


    • Carmen – the ebooks are tied to a specific Kindle account. To move them to your iPad you would need access to that account and would simply add your tablet as a device and then download the eboks directly to it.

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