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The Amazon Kindle 3 is with us.  A beautiful dedicated eBook Reader that expands on the success of their previouseReaders to give us an even smoother, more comfortable reading experience on a state-of-the-art device that feels so natural its just like a book!

Kindle 3 is not its official name however.  This is officially the newest generation of 6″ Kindle wireless reading device.  But geeks have been waiting so long for it to be uncovered that they had to make up their own name for it – and the “Kindle 3”, being the third generation amazon reader has definitely stuck.

You can see exactly how the New Kindle Compares in our more detailed earlier article.  For now though here is what your really must know before you buy…

  1. Firstly, this is smaller, lighter and thinner than earlier models.  That makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to transport.  Don’t be fooled though they have crammed a lot more into its smaller body, and have kept the display at a comfortable to view 6″.
  2. The latest Kindle is much faster than it predecessors with smoother, quicker page turns and better responsiveness when referring to the onboard dictionary.  The refresh rate has been speeded up to get things moving too fast for you to worry about.
  3. Now the Kindle 3 has far better contrast from its Pearl e-ink display.  Along with darker, more crisp fonts the result is that even reading in the brightest sunshine is a breeze.
  4. More choice for the display, gives you more font sizes and various styles of font to choose from, so you can read however you find most comfortable.
  5. The ability to display different types of script and characters mean you can now display Japanese, Chinese,Cyrrillic, Latin and Greek on your new amazon Kindle.
  6. The “Read to Me” feature has been improved and expanded so you can have the device read menus to you.
  7. A built in mp3 Player lets you download music and pod-casts that you can listen to as background music as you read.
  8. The newest version has wifi included so you can still order books instantly, or browse the web away from a 3G signal, so long as you are in a wif hot-spot.
  9. You get more choice – go for a cheap Kindle with wifi, or the modestly priced Kindle 3G and wifi model.
  10. Improved webkit web-browser makes going online less of a chore than with older versions.  However this is no iPad, it is first and foremost and eBook Reader and that is why we love it!
  11. A massive memory increase means you can store over 3500 Kindle books on the latest generation model.
  12. A similar boost to battery power means if you turn of that wifi you get up to a month between charges.

The Amazon Kindle 3 release date has come and gone, and it is here at last.  What’s more, our guess is it is most definitely here to stay.  The eBook Reader is a cheap, portable, comfortable way to read and this is an absolute corker!

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  1. the super slim design of Kindle3 and its huge memory storage are the things that impresses me the most. everytime i read people’s blog about kindle3, it gets me really excited.

  2. where can I find a FAQ for the kindle 3

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