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The Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device is by far the best selling ebook reader out at the moment.   The fact they are produced and sold by one of the most trusted brands in America right now will have a lot to do with those great sales figures.  But surely there must be a little more to it, than simply a familiar name?  So whilst we have already given our thoughts on the Kindle 2, including a run down of the technical spec actually relevant to the average buyer, what do those that have already bought the Kindle from amazon think of it?  Time for some Amazon Kindle 2 Reviews no doubt!

Well, the Kindle 2 has been a great hit in the press, but what do the most important people think?  You know the ones like you and I that merely have to use the thing!  Well, of course there are issues for some, and the Kindle readers have their drawbacks that make them less than perfect ebook reading devices for some buyers.  But on the whole their design has simply taken the original winning formula of the original Kindle 1 and stepped it up a notch, creating the perfect mid-range device for the majority of people out there.

Why do I say that?  Well take a look at the huge number of Kindle 2 Reviews from past purchasers.  To date there are over fourteen thousand customer reviews that have been entered online.  Now we all know that the customers most likely to review anything are those either selling it, or those most disappointed with it.  Well we can rule out the first group as the only place you can buy the Kindle is from amazon, and when you see that over eleven thousand customers have given four or five star reviews it seems like the second option is also not so common.

On the whole, the Kindle 2 does exactly what most buyers want.  It doesn’t require too much technical know-how to get it running and new material is super easy to instal via the direct downloads from the Kindle store.   Yes, it doesn’t have the same flexibility as other readers.  Due to formatting issues, unless you are a hacker you really will want to buy your ebooks from the Kindle Store.  But as Kindle Books are reasonable, cheaper in fact than hard copies, and most of us are not really that interested in reading electronic versions of free, out of print material, this small factor is not such a turn-off.  And, frankly if it is, you wouldn0t have bought the Kindle in the first place!  It is the fact that all ebooks are bought easily from one store, in one format, that makes this particular ebook reader so easy to get going ‘straight out of the box’ so to speak!

Read the Kindle 2 customer reviews and the really striking thing is just how easy people find it to use the device.  This is the most important thing for most people since the Kindle 2 purchase is usually their first owned ebook reader.  All the things that make any e-ink ebook reader great are there of course.  Clarity of viewing, adjustable font sizes and the rest.  But to be honest they are readily available with all similarly priced (and some far lower priced) e-readers.  Ease of use and quick set up are the things that keep Kindle customers coming back.

Folders need to be incorporated into the design.  Nook lovers enjoy being able to organise their ebooks in their own personal way and it seems Kindle lovers are a bit jealous.  But, minor issues aside the Kindle 2 keeps its customers happy!

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