Please note, since publishing this post the 6″ Kindle 3 has arrived. Improvements to design, memory and battery and a choice of wifi or wifi + 3G. Check out the Kindle 3 Compare article for more details or click below to order online.

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Back to our original Kindle article:

Rumours are rife at the moment that the Kindle 2 will soon be upgraded, new and improved.  Sadly for some it does not appear that a color screen or indeed a touchscreen are likely to be made available any time soon.  But still, improvements are on their way.

They key news about the new Kindle – will it be a Kindle 3 we wonder is as follows…

  1. Rather amazingly the new Kindle portable reader is likely to be significantly thinner than the 1/3 inch size of the current model.  We assume that will take its weight down a notch from its current 10.2oz too.
  2. Screen contrast should be improved.  The new model will have a much sharper picture which will be particularly useful when dealing with images and diagrams.  The current Kindle is one of the leading 16 shade e-ink displays around but things will get better, making it even more like reading ink on real paper.
  3. The page turn delay issue will be rectified too.  To be honest it never seems to be much of a delay but everyone has different standards I guess.  With a speeded up response time it will appeal to those fond of the iPad (but not necessarily the budget needed to buy one).

And when is it coming?  Well industry insiders say the new Kindle 3(?) will be made available in August this year.  Now amazon themselves have yet to comment publicly but things look certain to be changing for the Kindle Reader this year.

  One Response to “A Kindle 3 for the Summer?”

  1. i love the kindle i just wish it was priced lower i read all the time i take dialysis 3x’s a week and it is a hassle to managing to change the page, first i can not move to much my machine will go off, everytime it goes off it extends my time to equal 4 hours i need to clean my blood. if i am clumsy and drop my book they look at you when you ask them to pick up the book they give you this look like i am being a pain. my problem is i am on disability and can not afford 189.00 they are asking in stores. so will the price come down drasticly ?

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