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We have already mentioned that rumours of a Kindle 3 – really the 3rd Gen of 6″ Kindle Wireless Reading Device have been rife.   Well, after announcing a few days ago that the Kindle 2 was sold out, amazon have at last given us the Kindle 3 Release Date.

Thankfully we do not have to wait too long.  The 3rd generation handheld Kindle with a 6″ display will be released 27 August 2010.  In the meantime you can book yours by pre-ordering now (just click the links above).

There are two key choices now (a great improvement).  You can go for a cheap Kindle with Wifi only (at $139) or spend a little more ($189) for a Kindle with 3G and Wifi.  The Kindle 3G/Wifi option also allows you to choose the graphite color or their traditional white.

Whichever 6″ display Kindle you go for you get all the features you loved about the old Kindle Wireless Reader plus a whole lot more.  We’ll be going into more detail soon about all the features on offer, but to wet your appetite:

  • more memory
  • longer lasting battery
  • smaller
  • lighter
  • brighter
  • faster
  • quieter
  • even more beautiful!

So we’ll be back soon for a slightly more technical update on the 3rd Gen Kindle Wireless Reader

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  1. I am a Kindle virgin but want to give it a go! Is it worth waiting for the newest and BEST version – with colour- and is it true that I can access the internet on it (with 3G) and send and receive e-mails as WELL?! I shall need someone to hold my hand over all this – but as an 80 year old (next year!) you must forgive me! When will the newest version be released for sale and how much will it cost on , say, Amazon? Does a Kindle come already loaded with some FREE books – and if so, what are they?

    Thank you for your help!

    Hilary Hills (Mrs.)

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